Synonyms for Fluid:


adaptable, changeable (adjective)
mobile, mutable, protean, flexible, adjustable, unsteady, variable, changeful, floating, unsettled, unstable, mercurial, shifting.
all (adjective)
mobile, unstable, liquid.
changeable (adjective)
changeable, inconstant, flighty, variable, alterable, convertible, protean, vacillating, flexible, Vicissitudinous, restless, unsteady, precarious, irresolute, adaptable, transformable, fickle, modifiable, reformable, wavering, shifting, versatile, adjustable, volatile, changeful, unsettled, ever-changing, unstable, mercurial, varying, Transposable, mutable, movable.
fluid (adjective)
liquid, watery, flowing.
liquid (adjective)
lymphatic, watery, molten, flowing, juicy, running, fluent, runny.
watery (adjective)


ice, change, distilled water, h2o, running water, aqua, electrolyte, plastic, brine, limewater. effortless, supple, feline, gentle, easy, balletic, lithe, style, dainty. variant, various, uncertain. fluid (noun)
changeable, flowing, liquid, mobile, fluent, graceful, unstable, runny, smooth, disposable, changeful.
liquid (noun)


heated (verb)

Other synonyms:

dainty, supple, distilled water, aqua, brine, electrolyte, balletic, lithe. running water, limewater. variant, effortless, feline, ice, gentle. plastic. easy. various. uncertain. Other relevant words:
effortless, brine, electrolyte, lymphatic, juicy, runny, disposable, smooth, gentle, transient, balletic, easy, mobile, running, uncertain, lithe, variant, plastic, molten, fluent, supple, graceful, floating, aqua, ice, various.

Usage examples for fluid

  1. It will be noticed that the fluid connection is nearest the nozzle and that the air connection is at the bottom of the grip. – Advanced Toy Making for Schools by David M. Mitchell
  2. Having crystallized upon herself his fluid and floating worship, she is henceforth conventionally divine; he demands no more than to be allowed to gaze on her, and in gazing he swoons. – Chaucer and His England by G. G. Coulton
  3. In other words, we must not be content with just forcing fluid in. – Diseases of the Horse's Foot by Harry Caulton Reeks