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fluid (adjective)

flowing, watery, liquid.

Examples of usage:

It will be noticed that the fluid connection is nearest the nozzle and that the air connection is at the bottom of the grip. - "Advanced Toy Making for Schools", David M. Mitchell.

Having crystallized upon herself his fluid and floating worship, she is henceforth conventionally divine; he demands no more than to be allowed to gaze on her, and in gazing he swoons. - "Chaucer and His England", G. G. Coulton.

In other words, we must not be content with just forcing fluid in. - "Diseases of the Horse's Foot", Harry Caulton Reeks.

Similar words:

seminal fluid, spinal fluid, synovial fluid, drilling fluid, digestive fluid, Pascal's Law Of fluid pressures, straight-fluted drill, transverse flute, straight flute, champagne flute.

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