Synonyms for Flexible:


adaptable, responsive (adjective)
biddable, acquiescent, docile, variable, amenable, manageable, compliant.
bendable (adjective)
changeable (adjective)
modifiable, variable, fluid, fickle, shifting, inconstant, mercurial, Transposable, changeful, changeable, versatile, convertible, precarious, vacillating, unsettled, protean, movable, unstable, unsteady, wavering, reformable, alterable, restless, flighty, irresolute, volatile, transformable, varying, ever-changing, adjustable, mutable, Vicissitudinous, adaptable.
elastic (adjective)
resilient, limber, springy, pliant, stretchable, lithe, plastic, supple, mutable, malleable, adaptable, extensible, elastic, buoyant, stretchy.
fluid (adjective)
mutable, mercurial, shifting, unsteady, changeful.
impressionable (adjective)
lissom (adjective)
manageable (adjective)
obedient (adjective)
plastic (adjective)
pliable, bendable (adjective)
limber, supple, pliant, impressionable, elastic, moldable, springy, malleable, yielding, stretchable, extensile, extensible, ductile, flexile, plastic, bending, adjustable, willowy, lithe, tractable, soft, spongy, stretchy.
susceptible (adjective)
willing (adjective)
earnest, susceptible, acquiescent, ready, biddable, agreeable, assenting, compliant, persuadable, tractable, submissive, pliant, receptive, willing, adaptable, amenable, eager, malleable, tame, cooperative, plastic, pliable, ductile, yielding.


constitutionally, born, badass, Clingy, babyish, flawed, classy, addictive. moldable, flexuous, workable. suggestible, impressionable. change, adaptive. flexible (noun)
elastic, conciliatory, flexile, versatile, yielding, double-jointed, supple, negotiable, stretched, pliant, pliable, compromising, bendable, adaptable, limber.
tractable (noun)
manageable, docile.

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Usage examples for flexible

  1. If the reader really sees things himself, and is natural, flexible and forcible, he need not fear that his audience will not imagine the scene. – Browning and the Dramatic Monologue by S. S. Curry
  2. Wallie had sent her a flexible diamond bracelet as a Christmas gift and it lay on her table in its box. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. There was no mistaking that light flexible figure, every line swaying true to the beat of the horse's stride. – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton