Synonyms for Molten:


all (adjective)
liquified, liquefied.
disintegrated (adjective)
decomposed, mortified, shattered, turned, putrefied, dissected, decayed, spoiled, rotten, festering, Disintegrated, gangrenous, Degenerated, broken, crumbled, dilapidated, dissolved, Anatomized.
liquefied (adjective)
running, dissolved, thawed, liquefied.
melted (adjective)
liquefied, fused.


balmy, red hot, scalding, tropical, warm, burning, scorching, boiling, mild. molten (noun)
liquid, melted, liquified, liquefied.


heated (verb)
fused, thing, hot, fluid.

Other synonyms:

hot, fluid. Other relevant words:
fused, liquified, fluid, liquid, hot, red hot, melted, liquefied.

Usage examples for molten

  1. Another desperate single combat was won by Turpin, who slew a heathen emir " as black as molten pitch." – Hero-Myths & Legends of the British Race by Maud Isabel Ebbutt
  2. The ultimate source of this molten material does not here concern us. – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith
  3. It stayed therefore, mainly at the bottom of this semi- molten sea. – The Boy With the U.S. Miners by Francis Rolt-Wheeler