Synonyms for Smooth:


articulate (adjective)
eloquent, succinct, lucid, clear, fluent, loquacious, expressive, articulate, intelligible, glib, direct, well-spoken.
courteous (adjective)
elegant (adjective)
facile (adjective)
easy, fluent, facile, dexterous, handy, effortless, simple, uncomplicated, efficient, deft, adroit.
flat (adjective)
hairless (adjective)
sleek, bald, hairless, clean-shaven, beardless.
ingratiating (adjective)
level, unwrinkled; flowing (adjective)
sleek, fluid, velvety, regular, gentle, fluent, polished, soft, lustrous, flat, flush, rhythmic, plane, shiny, monotonous, invariable, even, quiet, uniform, easy, frictionless, silky, hairless, effortless, glassy, mild, steady, horizontal, stable, glossy, unvarying.
modernized (adjective)
oily (adjective)
greasy, slippery, saponaceous, fatty, soapy, oily, unctuous, Pinguid, lubricious, buttery, adipose.
smooth (adjective)
glossy, glazed, slilken, level, even, satin-smooth, flat, varnished, satiny, polished, burnished, Lacquered, sleek, frictionless, silky, slithery, shiny, marble, slippery, velvety, edgeless, slick, streamlined, glassy.
soft (adjective)
suave in behavior (adjective)
genial, civilized, slick, glib, urbane, facile, polite, unctuous.
waxy (adjective)


full, appetizing, tangy, horizontal, edible, steep, succulent, lustrous, flush, juicy, palatable, unvarying, tasty, flavorful, unrelieved, monotonous. constant, rhythmic, insulate, coat, blanket, crown, singsong, changeable, uniform, regular, steady, stable, top, bury, recover, wrap, spasmodic, smother, invariable, cover. deform, straighten, shape, bend, work, reshape, form, bearded, open up, hairy, curl, twist. dignified, polite, mild, confident, proud, genial, self-assured, self-confident, forceful, bold, assertive. supple, soft, balletic, lithe, delicious, dainty. smoothly, straight, blunt, planar. motor, overstretched, reflex, muscular, contract, spasm, cartilaginous, pull, relax, snap. folksy, style, snug, comfortable, warm, salubrious, intimate, civilized, relaxed, luxurious, comfy, urbane. helpful, effective, functional, worthwhile, high-powered, useful, operative, practical, valuable. straighten out, agree, settle, resolve, rectify. smooth (noun)
fluid, silken, liquid, shine, unnotched, entire, seamless, sleek, polish, waxy, untoothed, uncreased, graceful, glassy, satin, diplomatical, silklike, marmorean, legato, suave, flowing, fast, slick, unwrinkled, unfurrowed, sinuate, ceraceous, waxlike, creaseless, marmoreal, unseamed, diplomatic, velvety, uncrannied, fluent, politic, undulate, repand, smooth out, easy, silky, smoothen, satiny, unlined, velvet, glossy.


contact (verb)
flatten (verb)
grade, squish, compress, deflate.
make level (verb)
flatten, burnish, clear, sand, glaze, level, gloss, grade, polish.
make peace (verb)
assuage, allay, ease, calm, soften, appease, cool, mollify.
pacify (verb)
cool, conciliate, reconcile, soften, relieve, quiet, assuage, pacify, ebb, ease, allay, quell, soothe, calm, lull, moderate, hush, defuse, tranquilize, placate, appease, stabilize, mollify, compose.
smooth (verb)
glaze, plane, level, flatten, polish, grind, sand, silken, gloss, even, burnish.
soften (verb)

Other synonyms:

dainty, balletic, cartilaginous, overstretched, lithe, spasmodic, planar, rhythmic, supple. contract, motor. even
horizontal, uniform.
Other relevant words:
uniform, graceful, suave, regular, mild.

Usage examples for smooth

  1. Ever see an expedition get off to such a smooth start? – The Wailing Octopus by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. Repeat this, till it be as clear, and smooth and white, as you would have it. – The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened by Kenelm Digby
  3. Cook until it is smooth – Joe Tilden's Recipes for Epicures by Joe Tilden