Synonyms for Swift:


fast (adjective)
hurrying, speedy, fleet, allegro, nimble, quick, breakneck, expeditious, light-footed, presto, dashing, rapid, fast, hasty, galloping, rushing, snappy.
hasty (adjective)
brisk, feverish, fast, rapid, flying, dashing, hasty, quick, darting, running, impatient, bustling, breakneck, pelting, hurried, galloping, speedy, rushing, breathless, fleet, abrupt, urgent, headlong.
punctual (adjective)
prompt, expeditious, immediate, quick, speedy, punctual.
very fast (adjective)
expeditious, hurried, fleet, speedy, hasty, prompt, rapid, breakneck, quick, abrupt, snappy, nimble, flying, sudden, headlong.


headlong, on-the-spot, straight away, at once, instantly, suddenly, straight, promptly, right now. deft, high-speed, at full speed/tilt/throttle. bird of paradise, budgie, bantam, bobwhite, bluejay, budgerigar. bird (noun)
flamingo, coot, gull, sheldrake, plover, cockatoo, egret, starling, cardinal, chickadee, tern, nightingale, pigeon, osprey, kingfisher, puffin, nuthatch, waxwing, mallard, crow, ringtail, bluebill, redbird, owl, grackle, booby, stork, bittern, peacock, condor, sparrow, rook, horned owl, emu, hummingbird, dodo, jackdaw, wren, thrush, goldfinch, cuckoo, partridge, blackbird, bird, lovebird, weaver, curlew, penguin, parakeet, loon, quetzal, dove, sea gull, songbird, blue jay, bald eagle, spoonbill, goose, macaw, crane, cormorant, mourning dove, albatross, barn owl, turkey, harrier, buzzard, duck, grosbeak, Canada Goose, woodpecker, crested jay, turtledove, raven, jay, teal, heron, ibis, bluebird, peregrine, finch, hawk, falcon, sandpiper, snipe, ostrich, mockingbird, parrot, cassowary, road runner, squab, eagle, robin, yellowbird, lark, myna, bullfinch, grouse, oriole, vulture, canary, pheasant, redwing, swan, magpie, pelican.
flying (noun)
study at fast, sudden.
person (noun)
Gustavus Franklin Swift.
swift (noun)
dean swift, Sceloporus Occidentalis, Gustavus Franklin Swift, Jonathan Swift, western fence lizard, blue-belly, fast, fleet.

Other synonyms:

Sceloporus occidentalis
Sceloporus Occidentalis.
high-speed, deft. gustavus franklin swift
Gustavus Franklin Swift.
Other relevant words:
Gustavus Franklin Swift, blue-belly, sudden, immediate, instantly, suddenly, headlong, dean swift, high-speed, promptly, Jonathan Swift, western fence lizard, Sceloporus Occidentalis, deft.

Usage examples for swift

  1. Where's that young fool Swift – Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive or, Two Miles a Minute on the Rails by Victor Appleton
  2. With a swift movement, his mind made up, he took a step forward. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. She flashed a swift glance at Agatha, and saw the girl's expression change, but Sproatly broke in again. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss