Synonyms for Excited:


all (adjective)
worked up, emotional, aroused.
angry (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
ardent, eager, fervent, enthused, spirited, enthusiastic, zealous, fanatical.
excited (adjective)
breathless, exhilarated, aroused, attentive, effervescent, disturbed, inflamed, agitated, disquieted, stimulated, ardent, anxious, Energized, burning, passionate, impassioned, fiery, turbulent, fervent, electrified, feverish, animated.
frenetic (adjective)
in a lather.
inspired; upset (adjective)
discomposed, agitated, feverish, delighted, worked up, moved, nervous, annoyed, provoked, in a tizzy, Piqued, overwrought, thrilled, beside oneself, wild, ruffled, steamed up, frantic, aroused, disconcerted, hysterical, hot, passionate, eager, inflamed, keyed up, stimulated, stirred, jumpy, enthusiastic, on fire, disturbed, animated, fired up, wired, Roused.
lively (adjective)
thrilled (adjective)
fired up, atingle, stoked.
vigorous (adjective)
ardent, passionate, vigorous, enthusiastic, fiery, eager, mettlesome, hearty, afire, industrious, virile, zealous, zippy, frisky, earnest, fervent, lively, burning, powerful, puissant, sprightly, agitated, lusty, spirited, active, impassioned, strong, emphatic, animated, peppy, strenuous, exuberant, full-blooded, energetic, potent, zestful, ablaze, prolific.


can't put something down, anticipatory, fascinated, interested, wired, absorbed, alive. cross, psyched, fed up, displeased, put out, atingle, belligerent, excite, stoked, fired up, irritated. desire, arouse, want, on the pull. aroused (noun)
distracted, annoyed, distraught, furious, haywire, troubled, inspired, ill at ease, upset, psyched up, flushed, edgy, all hot and bothered, thing, discomfited, angry, het up, in a tailspin, jumpy, overheated, delighted, beside oneself, hot, keyed up, hyped up, flustered, restless, in a lather, disconcerted, Galvanized, blue in the face, quickened, uneasy, on fire, uptight, atingle, all nerves, hysterical, angered, tense, discomposed, on pins and needles, hopped-up, tumultuous, all atwitter, in a flutter, boiling over, in heaven, jittery, avid, glowing, apprehensive, overwrought, wrought-up, moved, in a tizzy, ruffled, manic, red hot, perturbed, in a quiver, provoked, steamed up, in a dither, jumping at, psyched, Piqued, on the ragged edge, hurt.
excited (noun)
agog, thrillful, stirred, delirious, thrilled, aflutter, wild, agitated, fevered, worked up, mad, unrestrained, intoxicated, emotional, teased, stirred up, stimulated, aroused, nervous, crazy, reactive, titillated, overexcited, activated, frantic.


excited (verb)
invigorated (verb)
enlivened, Energized, strengthened, activated, invigorated, enthused, revived, powered, Roused.

Other synonyms:

desire, arouse. want. excite. disturbed
jittery, nervous, tense, edgy, jumpy.
keyed up, inspired.
red hot.

Usage examples for excited

  1. If you were just back from Mars I don't believe you'd be excited about it." – Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. Daisy sat looking at Preston, a little curious but not at all excited – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell