Synonyms for Graceless:


clumsy, unsophisticated (adjective)
awkward, gauche, coarse, ill-mannered, barbaric, rude, shameless, uncouth, inept, klutzy, outlandish, crude, gawky, ungainly, tasteless, barbarous, rough, corrupt, inelegant, boorish.
gauche (adjective)
inelegant (adjective)
uncivil, raw, boorish, tactless, barbarous, rude, gross, crude, vulgar, inelegant, earthy, gawky, unpolished, tasteless, undignified, awkward, brutish, coarse, clumsy, tawdry, unrefined.
vulgar (adjective)
depraved, tactless, idiomatic, broad, cockney, shameless, in bad taste, garish, chintzy, colloquial, common, profane, offensive, sleazy, brutish, boorish, cheap, ignoble, coarse-grained, animal, ill-bred, raw, indelicate, vulgar, unbecoming, rude, repulsive, coarse, glaring, homespun, tasteless, earthy, gross, clumsy, revolting, philistine, brazen, outlandish, unseemly, barbaric, sordid, ignominious, rank, tawdry, unrefined, inelegant, undignified, base, degraded, barnyard, crass, salty, unpolished, obscene, crude, rough, low, scandalous, gaudy.


corrupt, impertinent, discourteous, smart, impolite, impudent, uncouth, abrasive, insolent, ill-mannered. grotesque, hideous, ungainly, klutzy, all thumbs, maladroit, lumpish, ugly, monstrous, ability, plain, grim, unappealing, unattractive, inept, unsightly. awkward (noun)
graceless (noun)
gauche, ungraceful, inelegant, awkward, ungracious, unpleasing, unpolished.

Other synonyms:

klutzy. lumpish, maladroit, ungainly. inept. Other relevant words:
impudent, lumpish, corrupt, insolent, grotesque, uncouth, ungraceful, klutzy, unattractive, impolite, gauche, maladroit, unpleasing, all thumbs, ill-mannered, inept, ungracious, ungainly, ugly.

Usage examples for graceless

  1. E'en now their teeth attack That olive's shoots, the graceless brutes! – Theocritus by Theocritus
  2. Here we will leave this graceless Freddy; he will have no lack of amusement while his clothes are drying, for Mabel and Clara have brought him books and pictures, and some old toys which had been put by: but Aunt Mary insists that Freddy is to be left to himself, after she has seen him, and kindly, but forcibly, shown him the foolishness, as well as the wickedness, of indulging in pride and evil temper. – Aunt Mary by Mrs. Perring