Synonyms for Wary:


careful, cautious (adjective)
canny, circumspect, leery, chary, watchful, attentive, distrustful, calculating, heedful, suspicious, sly, gingerly, prudent, alert, doubting, guarded, on guard.
cautious (adjective)
watchful, careful, aware, alert, guarded, mindful, heedful, deliberate, circumspect, observant, cautious, prudent, attentive.
chary (adjective)
circumspect (adjective)
study at careful.
cunning (adjective)
astute, cunning, smooth, designing, devious, serpentine, calculating, snaky, skillful, sharp, slick, witty, tricky, masterly, deft, ingenious, artful, shrewd, subtle, canny, scheming, feline, foxy, slippery, crafty, quick, masterful, clever, wily, sly.
defensive (adjective)
defensive, secure, shielding, cautious, guarding, buffering, Sheltering, countering, armored, guarded, protective.
disbelieving (adjective)
skeptical, unsure, disbelieving, doubting, uncertain, cynical, distrustful, Distrusting.
gingerly (adjective)
open-eyed (adjective)


frightened, nervous, worried, on edge, upset, alarmed, uneasy, anxious, tense, troubled. awareness, open-eyed. forehanded, chary, gingerly. wary (noun)
mistrustful, on guard, untrusting, upon one's guard, suspicious, distrustful, shy, leery, on one's guard, on your guard.

Other synonyms:

gingerly, forehanded, open-eyed. careful
Other relevant words:
forehanded, on guard, chary, troubled, suspicious, on your guard, uneasy, alarmed, anxious, untrusting, tense, on edge, on one's guard, open-eyed, frightened, mistrustful, awareness, worried, upset, nervous, gingerly, shy, leery, distrustful.

Usage examples for wary

  1. If you folks upon Exmoor here are loath and wary at fighting, yet you are brave at better stuff; the best and kindest I ever knew, in the matter of feeding. – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  2. She went into the tiny kitchen and opened the pantry door cautiously, being wary of mice. – Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber
  3. Although no ladies' man, he had never been woman wary until lately, and this of itself was a sign, the significance of which he was far from realizing. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony