Synonyms for Uneven:


asymmetrical (adjective)
unequal, disproportionate, unsymmetrical, unbalanced, asymmetrical, lopsided.
chaotic (adjective)
wild, inchoate, anarchistic, frantic, lax, cluttered, inconsistent, deformed, frenzied, anarchical, embroiled, rambunctious, formless, perturbed, inexact, disorganized, disheveled, out of control, obscure, indefinite, chaotic, jumbled, loose, tempestuous, deranged, disarrayed, shapeless, tumultuous, amorphous, unruly, irregular, insane, Disintegrated, lawless, discomposed, indistinct, incoherent, undisciplined, confused, disorderly, blurry, disconnected, messy, fuzzy, disordered, muddled.
craggy (adjective)
different (adjective)
irregular (adjective)
sporadic, inconstant, irregular, nonuniform, erratic, fluctuating, eccentric, asymmetric, unrhythmical, desultory, intermittent, notched, jerky, unsystematic, variable, capricious, fitful.
lumpy (adjective)
not smooth or balanced (adjective)
unsymmetrical, one-sided, bumpy, disproportionate, intermittent, rugged, jagged, unbalanced, fitful, spotty, lopsided, unsteady, jerky, harsh, fluctuating, scraggy, disparate, craggy, notched, patchy, asymmetrical, unequal, unfair, scabrous, variable, irregular, spasmodic.
rough (adjective)
bumpy, rugged.
unequal (adjective)
discrete, disparate, unequal, different, disproportionate, separate, distinct, lopsided, unfair, dissimilar, nonuniform.
unintelligible (adjective)
unjust (adjective)
discriminatory, unequal, foul, unjustifiable, unfair, prejudiced, unsportsmanlike, unjust, partial, biased, partisan, one-sided, venal, inequitable.


contrasting, conflicting, various, alternative, diverse, unlike, divergent. collective, unsteady, common, corporate, indivisible, continue, personal, distributed, Among, same, undivided, simple. stop-start, bursty, by/in fits and starts, on-off, discontinuous, on-again, off-again. odd (noun)
uneven (noun)
jaggy, lumpy, crinkly, patchy, irregular, rippled, ragged, unequal, spotty, wavelike, crinkled, mismatched, untrue, out of true, jagged, unparallel, wavy, cross-grained, scraggy, inconsistent.
variable (noun)

Other synonyms:

indivisible, discontinuous, stop-start, cragged, Ironbound, on-again, off-again, simple. distributed, corporate, harsh, bursty, undivided, craggy, scabrous, on-off. collective, rugged. inclined, common, Among. personal, unsteady. coarse. wavy
Other relevant words:
jagged, crinkly, various, craggy, spasmodic, spotty, out of true, rugged, scabrous, jaggy, Ironbound, unlike, unsteady, stop-start, undivided, cragged, harsh, patchy, coarse, unparallel, untrue, crinkled, mismatched, bumpy, cross-grained, indivisible, divergent, notched, bursty, rippled, wavelike, corporate, distributed, Among, lumpy, scraggy, on-off, discontinuous, wavy, ragged.

Usage examples for uneven

  1. Seeing his look, she began to speak in hurried, uneven sentences. – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell
  2. Far behind I heard the familiar uneven hurry: tap- tap- tap, tap- tap- tap. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  3. The logs, spread out at intervals, rushed down, rising and falling on the uneven skids. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss