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flat (adjective)

planar, even, horizontal, tabular, flat, prairie-like, flush.

flatten (verb)

deflate, plane, compress, flatten, smooth, squish, even, grade.

low (adjective)

short, bottom, low, stumpy, deep, squat, flat.

layer (verb)

laminate, grade, layer, coat, stratify.

homogenize (verb)

conform, regulate, homogenize.

Other synonyms:

calcify, point, charge up, relaxed, calm, send, stay, bed, bug, horizontal, sluice, compressed, repoint, strip, flavorless, equal, compass point, bottle, maneuver, level off, behavior, stabilize, twist, against, action, mat, degree, find the proper place, plane, commove, purge, channelise, agitate, let down, tier up, distributor point, easygoing, rung, erect, reshape, consign, point in time, scour, two-dimensional, smoothly, matted, trading floor, sedate, percentage point, eye level, grad, firm, amount, history, savourless, straighten, autosave, aerate, attached, institutionalise, shoot down, autoflow, baseline, crimson, heart, dismantle, grade, excite, storey, preserve, exact, balance, at one with, lower, turn on, quality assurance, matte, disassemble, disgrace, aim, decimal point, tier, course, withstand, steer, peak, period, sharpen, pull down, blowtorch, your inner self, take down, might (just) as well, flat, news report, correct, glass, alongside, cut down, serene, beside, arcdegree, saddle, temper, fit, steady, luff, out, power point, shoot, even out, denotation, signal, matching, betoken, floor, target, bradawl, edit, gradation, bend, matched, subtext, Allen wrench, appoint, write up, orient, composed, bill, common, work, narration, stature, unshaken, unconditional, passion, competing, possessed, direct, uneven, undercurrent, stagecoach, flooring, jog along, suit, gallery, break up, bath, allowance, precise, channelize, gut, curl, behave, shape, ineffectual, feelings, spot, trim, flavourless, load, make up, find the proper station, buck, unruffled, lowlights, tear, bland, burden, undisturbed, commit, true, laid-back, mark, unbendable, status, elevation, vapid, steadfast, connotation, at ease, low point, bear down, standardize, rase, self-possessed, cool, unfaltering, knock down, tranquil, condemn, ranking, blunt, glassful, even off, stop, par, tale, ground level, peg, file format, juncture, report, microscope stage, full point, clipboard, thrust, redress the balance, categorical, designate, placid, charge, monotone, prostrate, next to, unaltered, bellows, chilled, item, unopposed, counterbalance, jug, regularize, allocation, barrel, significance, united, lodge, socio-economic class, substance, high, let the genie out of the bottle, balanced, tear down, cupful, untroubled, basement, untouched, stratum, tied, academic degree, plain, layer, unworried, narrative, close-run, low-rise, collected, demean, nearby, mug, self-composed, knee-high, nonchalant, blame, categoric, usage, raze, tarradiddle, uninterrupted, rating, social class, sensation, degrade, height, unshakable, bond, the roof of the world, bit, the carbon cycle, lower ground floor, turn, the stratosphere, sense, taper, standard, the middle, stiff, clear, loft, matt, clip art, breaker point, fib, push down, manoeuvre, peaceful, big, turn the tide, batch, elevated, leg, bring down, stage, gunpoint, note, episode, criterion, chronicle, emotion, head, block, open up, adsorb, near, hold, lofty, meaning, place, ground floor, monotonic, rouse, take apart, echelon, detail, deform, dot, assay, higher, maintain, tip, get down, accumulation, unwavering, even up, phase, stable, full stop, box end wrench, institutionalize, irregular, taradiddle, frame of mind, parallel, insipid, accuse, put down, blush, even, recollected, break apart, adjustable wrench, blowlamp, instalment, pointedness, limpid, base, horizontal surface, savorless, the first floor, altitude, spirit level, installment, position, negation, mood, guide, manoeuver, applicator, backlog, arithmetic, story, carton, bespeak, account, automatic hyphenation, redden, immune, score, capacity, together, next door, close, coolheaded, balanced equation, field, indicate, compensate, unperturbed, browse mode, show, precipitous, unaffected, down, downstairs.

Examples of usage:

Macdonald lifted his hands slowly, holding them little above a level with his shoulders. - "The Rustler of Wind River", G. W. Ogden.

The car stood at ground level, but the ground was not there any more. - "Freudian Slip", Franklin Abel.

I merely asked whether capital doesn't seek its own level. - "John March, Southerner", George W. Cable.

Similar words:

spirit level, top-level, pressure level, price level, poverty level, noise level, middle-level, brightness level, sound pressure level, foot lever.

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