Synonyms for Varying:


all (adjective)
changeable (adjective)
changeable, irresolute, protean, mutable, movable, inconstant, fluid, unsettled, flighty, reformable, variable, restless, vacillating, volatile, mercurial, changeful, shifting, transformable, wavering, Vicissitudinous, flexible, adjustable, alterable, convertible, Transposable, precarious, adaptable, fickle, modifiable, versatile, ever-changing, unstable, unsteady.
different (adjective)
conflicting, contradictory, asymmetric, mismatched, contrary, contrasting, diverse, differing, discordant, unmatched, divergent, abnormal, unequal, heterogeneous, unalike, nonuniform, distinct, disparate, various, dissimilar, different, unlike.
diverse (adjective)
nonuniform (adjective)
varied, divergent, multifarious, dissimilar, diverse, Deviating, heterogeneous, discordant, different, nonuniform.
unequal (adjective)
variable (adjective)
changing, shifting, flexible, fluctuating, unsteady, inconstant, unstable, differing, vacillating, wavering, Deviating, changeable, volatile.




changing (verb)
fluctuating, Modulating, reforming, transiting, Deviating, Modifying, Converting, setting, Diversifying, Adjusting, mutating, Transforming, changing, Transfiguring, Adapting, altering, Transposing.
deflecting (verb)
departing, Diffracting, Deflecting, drifting, Refracting.
deviating (verb)
diverging, wandering, veering, straying, Digressing.
varying (verb)
differing, Digressing, diverging, Diversifying.

Other synonyms:

changeable, diverse.

Usage examples for varying

  1. Thou, like the sun, all colours dost contain, Varying like rays of light, on drops of rain. – The Poetical Works of Edward Young, Volume 2 by Edward Young
  2. She had asked him to write, and he made home life and the varying aspects of nature real to her. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe
  3. He heard it with naturally varying emotions. – The Road to Understanding by Eleanor H. Porter