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master (verb)

govern, master, command, lead, preside, rule, head, manage.

Other synonyms:

take up, lay, plain, close, point-blank, condition, turn, manoeuvre, cover, prepare, precede, forward, bend, at once, out-front, cast, zigzag, channelise, matrilineal, no-nonsense, get off, backlit, draw a bead on, broadcast, organise, turn to, straight, legitimate, groom, take aim, verbatim, ask, cut, hurl, shortest, fling, site, strike, unswerving, sharpen, seek, foursquare, unilateral, luff, up-front, bid, civilize, carry on, apply, dub, take in, convey, extend, plow, develop, treat, bluff, patrilineal, set, necessitate, linear, tell, point, beam, comport, fine, flat, localize, patrilinear, immediately, train, invest, calculate, purport, transfer, get hold of, uninterrupted, film, make, take on, chair, devise, draw, accept, animation, square, behave, curb, influence, air, precise, devote, institutionalise, short, guide, top, ship, put, bet, bound for something, familial, educate, cutting room, participative, run, engage, upstanding, remove, leave, coach, squarely, forthcoming, transmit, escort, mastermind, start, decent, target, literal, reliable, channelize, pitch, conduce, flat-footed, impart, drive, school, machinate, forthwith, institutionalize, direction, account, bring, speak, superscribe, contract, like a shot, come in, subscribe, throw, through, shoot, engineer, channel, involve, unilateralist, guide on, choose, consider, have, use up, compute, moderate, straightforward, focus, acquit, close to home, push around, occupy, charter, roundabout, count on, blunt, assume, unguarded, cipher, collect, send off, lineal, submit, enjoin, betoken, free-spoken, fluorescent, head, immediate, order around, bespeak, select, phosphorescent, accost, firsthand, go, lob, fill, civilise, frank, rent, buckle down, dictate, floodlit, identify, reckon, get up, post, good, address, into, undeviating, unvarnished, shepherd, demand, forthright, need, contribute, deal, mold, openhearted, work out, lead, perfect, trail, send, manoeuver, figure, get, lease, postulate, personal, aspire, concentrate, specific, across, upfront, foursquare, vicarious, position, straight off, read, pointed, distant, locate, orient, unerring, cypher, localise, tax with, maneuver, hire, pass, come up to, irreproachable, reign over, commit, operate, correct, plainspoken, nonstop, rate, administrate, marshal, cutaway, withdraw, family, rail, aim, usher, right away, taper, unreserved, forecast, toss, station, carry, democratic, learn, principled, propose, up, outspoken, result, require, claim, ingest, absolute, depend, soft, pose, indicate, orchestrate, codify, admit, words, mail, ahead, matrilinear, instantly, candlelit, infrared, oncoming, purpose, from the horse's mouth, give, conduct, dedicate, look, exact, restructure, designate, pack, pick out, systematize, study, level, through someone's eyes, now, transport, first/second/third hand, contain, count, estimate, subscribe to, illegitimate, moonlit, repoint, prioritize, candid, restrain, take, unionise, look at, dub out, over, organize, reorganize, show, range, halogen, dub over, from all sides, boss around, unionize, directly, route, zero in, project, check, cultivate, door-to-door, signal, bear, come out, illegitimacy, right, man-to-man, head up, truthful, take away, adopt, call for, kinship, work, first-hand, place, handle, consume, deport, call, strict, shoot for, structure, straightaway, rank, grade, filial, acquire, steer, send out, primary, form, freehearted, dub in, accurate, unmediated, advancing.

Examples of usage:

She may as well get it direct." - "The Unspeakable Perk", Samuel Hopkins Adams.

" Then direct me to a dressing- room," ordered the stranger. - "Cruel As The Grave", Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth.

His manner was simple and direct, and so kind that one could only answer him in a like spirit. - "Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man", Marie Conway Oemler.

Similar words:

direct trust, direct contrast, directly, directed, self-directed, research director, theater director, theatre director, music director.

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