Synonyms for Homestead:


live, come from, populate, inhabit, settle down, arrive, board, squat, reside. agronomy, agriculture, agroindustry, agrarian, agrochemical, the CAP, breed, agribusiness, Agronomics, agricultural. abode (noun)
house, dwelling, domicile, lodging, home, quarters, Casa, residence.
farm (noun)
grange, estate, farmstead, ranch, plantation.
habitat/habitation (noun)
condominium, abode.
home (noun)
cottage, villa, farm, castle, manor, bungalow, cabin, mansion, habitation.
house (noun)
domicile, house, hacienda, quarters, residence, chateau, Casa, abode, bungalow, mansion, cottage, lodging, dwelling, home, habitation, castle, villa, condominium, cabin.
plantation (noun)

Other synonyms:

property. plantation
Other relevant words:
home place, reside, messuage, inhabit, board, estate, populate, manor, ranch, farm, agrarian, live, Agronomics, agrochemical, agricultural, agronomy, property, breed, demesne, agroindustry, agribusiness, squat, grange, arrive, plantation, agriculture, farmstead.

Usage examples for homestead

  1. Forgotten was the Loring ranch, the Concho, his own homestead – Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs
  2. She said little to the girl during the journey, but an hour after they had reached the homestead she slipped quietly into Agatha's room. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss