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Forewarned - 21 results
Examples of usage:

He used to say there was no doubt that he had been forewarned, and his wife had to admit that it did seem as if he had had some pre- vision of his son's genius: how else explain the fact that he had said he would like to have a son a sculptor three months before the child was born? - "The Untilled Field", George Moore.

Willing hands had opened the low door in the wall for them, forewarned of their coming by Dumitru. - "Princess Maritza", Percy Brebner.

For a time they forgot their own danger in anxiety for the others; but they were soon recalled to what was passing around them- the groaning of the timbers, as every sea struck the wreck with an increasing shock, forewarned them that she could not long resist that mighty force. - "Narratives of Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy; between 1793 and 1849", William O. S. Gilly.

Similar words:

forecaster, forward, step forward, put forward, push forward, come forward, bring forward, forward motion, forward pass, forward passer.

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