Synonyms for Remains:


body count, the dead, the departed, the deceased. litter, e-waste, landfill, waste, trash, ruin, junk, garbage. leftover, rest, balance, remnant, remainder, Leavings, residue. marks, relic, vestige, trace. corpses (noun)
Carcasses, decedents, Bodies, Cadavers, Mummies, stiffs, corpses.
dead body (noun)
cadaver, corpse, carcass.
relic (noun)
remaining part (noun)
remainder, Leavings, rest, remnant, residue.
remains (noun)
cadaver, clay, stiff, corpse.
ruins (noun)


abides (verb)
experiences, Bears, tarries, perseveres, lingers, lasts, suffers, continues, tolerates, goes on, puts up with, undergoes, persists, endures, abides.
remains (verb)
stays, prevails, Waits.

Other synonyms:

body count, relic, e-waste, remainder. garbage, Leavings, ruin, landfill, residue. junk. trash, trace. waste. litter, balance. rest. Other relevant words:
fossil, clay, remnant, garbage, leftover, rest, marks, e-waste, waste, Leavings, ruin, relic, residue, relics, landfill, junk, trash, litter, vestige, remainder, balance, trace.

Usage examples for remains

  1. This alone remains as a possible thing. – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  2. There remains all the balance of her life that she could give to other work. – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  3. Daisy shook off the remains of her sleep and hurried out by one of the glass doors to go and see. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell