Synonyms for Exactly:


correctly (adverb)
precisely, accurately, correctly, validly, suitably, rightly.
just (adverb)
literally (adverb)
explicitly, literally, prosaically, authentically, actually.
precisely (adverb)
properly, smack, strictly, meticulously, definitely.


absolutely (adverb)
on the button.
correctly (adverb)
precisely, accurately, correctly, validly, suitably, rightly.
literally (adverb)
authentically, explicitly, precisely, accurately, prosaically, actually, literally.
precisely (adverb)
definitely, properly, precisely, meticulously, accurately, specifically, correctly, rightly, strictly.
sharp (adverb)
on the dot.
truly (adverb)


great, of course, yes, agreed, absolutely. unerring, correct, same, strict, precise, reliable, exact, specific, accurate, even, perfect. particular, dead, straight, given, smack-dab, per se, square, smack, for someone's part, on that/this score, squarely, (all) by itself, directly, flush, fair, direct, right, bang.

Other synonyms:

smack-dab, agreed, of course, per se. absolutely, squarely, specifically. given, specific, great. directly. right, particular. flush, bang.

Usage examples for exactly

  1. It was in Paris exactly as it is here. – A Maker of History by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. I'll do exactly what you wish me to. – 'Lena Rivers by Mary J. Holmes
  3. No, my lord, not exactly – Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins