Synonyms for Achieved:


complete (adjective)
completed (adjective)


captured (verb)
Caught, arrested, apprehended, Captured, Gained, Collared, secured, Snared, Gotten, Took, Got, taken, seized, won, Obtained, occupied, Snatched, abducted.
completed (verb)
unified, Culminated, accomplished, terminated, completed, consummated, ended, graduated, filled, integrated, fulfilled, finished, concluded, executed, Arrived, finalized, closed.
effected (verb)
brought about.
succeeded (verb)
Triumphed, dominated, Ascended, attained, Prevailed, earned, surmounted, overcome, Overcame, Succeeded.

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Usage examples for Achieved

  1. There is in truth, more of the dramatic spirit of Chaucer in Barklay's " Ship of Fools," which, though essentially a translation, achieved in England the popularity of an original work. – Chaucer by Adolphus William Ward
  2. If anything is achieved it should be in 1990 or later. – The Dawn of Amateur Radio in the U.K. and Greece A Personal View by Norman F. Joly
  3. She stirred, and achieved a faint smile. – The Killer by Stewart Edward White