Synonyms for Manage:


bring about, come together, accomplish, contrive, triumph, be able to do something, achieve, attain, succeed, effect. pursue, carry out, go about, survive, endure, bear up. resource, satisfy, equip, supply, cater to, come up with, offer, provide, work, use. over, codify, reorganize, marshal, structure, systematize, restructure, prioritize. repress, conceal, keep back, suppress, hold in, bottle up. thrive, ingest, fend, taste, touch, consume, eat, try, shift, have, muddle through. live on, room, drop out, live out your life, live, go without, live by. put your affairs in order, get your shit together, pick up the pieces, put/set/get your house in order, go about your business, get your act together. manage (noun)
handle, negociate, deal, bring off, DO, care, oversee, supervise, make do, superintend, make out, wangle, get by, finagle, carry off, cope, contend, grapple.


accomplish (verb)
attain, DO.
achieve (verb)
accomplish, work out.
arrange (verb)
provide, quarterback.
behave (verb)
boss (verb)
command (verb)
grasp, grip, charge, sway, coordinate, hold, reign.
control (verb)
dominate, execute, rule, harness, oversee, pilot, govern, command, discipline, steer, order, supervise, administer, superintend, direct, preside, bridle, lead, control.
direct (verb)
master, lord, conduct, boss.
manage (verb)
finagle, contrive, head, watch over, dominate, guide, officiate, conduct, succeed, make out, direct, watch, take over, shift, engage in, work, regulate, rule, engineer, bring off, bring about, minister, cope, run, pilot, preside, make do, handle, train, boss, govern, superintend, steer, execute, administer, supervise, wangle, care for, deal with, operate, command, achieve, effect, bear up, oversee, disburse, endure, carry out, instruct, use.
master (verb)
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

hold in, survive, attain, regulate, shrug off, succeed, systematize, operate, go without, work out, muddle through, achieve, prioritize, overcome, watch over, administrate, restructure, surmount, accomplish, triumph, reorganize, bottle up, codify, live by, ingest, conceal, come together. eat, keep back, contrive, structure, drop out, look after, repress. get through, suppress, consume, guide, live on. try, fend, shift, use, marshal, bring about. deal with. room. taste. live. touch. run. have. command
take over.
deal with.
cater to, see to.

Usage examples for manage

  1. I can't quite manage it." – Black Jack by Max Brand
  2. Would she be able to manage him now? – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  3. But how do we manage it? – Caribbee by Thomas Hoover