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apropos of, consanguineous to, in reference to, akin to, aesthetic, barring, concerning, ahead of, belonging to, from, at, having relation to, apropos, appertaining to, as far as, prior to, as concerns, like, nee, in connection with something, proceeding from, Junior, connected with, against, in regard to, draftsmanship, as for, previous to, appropriate to, cum, composition, ere, consequent to, ahead, attributed to, in relation to, assignment, based on, away from, coming from, amid, after, to, by, characterized by, as to, cherub, namesake, aboard, effect, legend, toward, regarding, failing, format, fast, related to, forward, as regards, about, out of, homage, peculiar to, naming ceremony, out from, initial, native to, touching, on, flavor, half-hour, around, afore, nameless, in/with regard to, referring to, into, concerned, going from, among, a.m., devoted, pertaining to, commission, fore, respecting.

Examples of usage:

And is that all you could make of it? - "Imaginary Interviews", W. D. Howells.

He was of Middleborough. - "Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast", Samuel Adams Drake.

But think of me. - "Ralph the Heir", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

sense of hearing, sense of humor, Sense Of Humour, sense of movement, sense of purpose, sense of shame, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch, sense of right and wrong.

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