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contains - 22 results
Examples of usage:

The experiment, as we shall see, is extremely simple, and yet it contains an element of surprise. - "Liquid Drops and Globules, their Formation and Movements", Chas. R. Darling.

But the letter paper inside contains not a word of writing. - "Echoes of the War", J. M. Barrie.

Teuffel- Schwabe's great work contains a vast deal that the ordinary student does not want; and it does not contain a certain amount which will, I believe, be found in the present book, the materials for which have been gathered from a wide range of reading. - "The Student's Companion to Latin Authors", George Middleton Thomas R. Mills.

Similar words:

self-contained, confines, conjoint, connarus, table of contents, Rydberg Constant, Planck's Constant, confine, congius, conjoin.

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