Synonyms for Received:


accepted (adjective)
recognized, sanctioned, welcomed, usual, time-honored, orthodox.
all (adjective)
legitimate (adjective)
orthodox (adjective)
received (adjective)
acquired, earned, gathered, collected, acknowledged, Obtained, standard, accepted, derived, Gotten, Pocketed, conventional, taken, honored, admitted.
taken (adjective)
derived, honored, signed for, earned, brought in.


metaphysical, nonconformist, conceptual, central, theoretical, abstract, deterministic, utopian. usual, straight, recognized, agree, sanctioned, accept, orthodox. time-honored, canonical. received (noun)
accepted, conventional, standard, prescriptive, normative, acceptable.


acquired (verb)
assumed, secured, Obtained, landed, Caught, Wrangled, netted, Palmed, Scored, Claimed, Retrieved, Gotten, Annexed, Lured, won, amassed, added, Procured, Harvested, Garnered, cornered, Purchased, Incurred, Reaped, Bought, collected, heaped, Bagged, Fetched, Captured, accumulated.
contained (verb)
Stowed, Comprised, included, enclosed, Accommodated, contained, held.
greeted (verb)
kowtowed, Accosted, Approached, welcomed, shaken hands with, Smiled, Kissed, bowed, Saluted, Hugged, hailed, curtsied, Signaled, Nodded, Greeted, shook hands with, noticed, Embraced, Vociferated, Waved, acknowledged.
met (verb)
run into, Encountered, joined, gathered, Met, assembled, ran into, bumped into.
receive (verb)
received (verb)
Gobbled, Pocketed, devoured, eaten, Assimilated, Gulped, accepted, Took, taken, engorged, swallowed, ate, accessed, inhaled, acquired, inspired, ingested, Got, absorbed, admitted.

Other synonyms:

sanctioned. canonical, time-honored, recognized, orthodox.

Usage examples for received

  1. But I have received nothing. – The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters by George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie