Synonyms for Profitable:


advantageous; money-making (adjective)
favorable, rewarding, effectual, Assisting, beneficial, valuable, pragmatic, instrumental, serviceable, good, lucrative, cost-effective, successful, contributive, paying, remunerative, conducive, self-sustaining, practical, paying well, Sustaining, Gainful, useful, effective, productive, fruitful, in the black.
beneficial (adjective)
beneficial, favorable, helpful, prosperous, Gainful, advantageous, improving, successful, good, progressive, better, useful.
economic (adjective)
economical (adjective)
lucrative (adjective)
practical, making money, pragmatic, Assisting, fruitful, serviceable, Gainful, conducive, lucrative, to advantage, effectual, moneymaking, fertile, Aiding, paying its way, rewarding, Sustaining, effective, paying out, breadwinning, instrumental, sufficient, self-sustaining, in the black, valuable, paying well, contributive, remunerative, bringing in returns.
marketable (adjective)
paying (adjective)
productive (adjective)
executive, bountiful, parturient, prolific, productive, lush, fruitful, fecund, pregnant, fertile, teeming, constructive, creative.
wealthy (adjective)
affluent, wealthy, opulent, prosperity, rich, fortunate, prosperous.


healing, sensible, restorative, therapeutic, essential, wholesome, healthy, well-balanced. get, cost-effective, Money-making, at a premium, profit-making, for-profit. benefic, salutary, benignant, help, propitious, beneficent, Toward. profitable (noun)
fat, economic, advantageous, bankable, remunerative, lucrative, rewarding, paid, moneymaking, paying, productive, juicy, Gainful, fruitful.

Other synonyms:

benignant, benefic, cost-effective, Money-making, profit-making, for-profit. propitious, Toward, salutary. beneficent. Other relevant words:
profit-making, in the black, paid, salutary, Aiding, help, self-sustaining, essential, valuable, practical, cost-effective, effective, wholesome, instrumental, benefic, juicy, benignant, therapeutic, Sustaining, bankable, sensible, economic, propitious, healthy, serviceable, healing, for-profit, get, effectual, well-balanced, Money-making, restorative, paying, beneficent, contributive, Toward, pragmatic, Assisting, fat, sufficient, conducive.

Usage examples for profitable

  1. But what was better by far than the prospect of a profitable purchase was the fact of her personal interest in him. – Flowing Gold by Rex Beach
  2. He told me that he had some trouble with his business, and that all he wanted was a little help; he said he had a great deal of property in New York State, and that if he could raise some money, he could make a very profitable speculation on a lot of wool which he knew about. – History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years, and Life of Chauncey Jerome by Chauncey Jerome
  3. If she was a nuisance, she was at least a fairly profitable nuisance. – Delia Blanchflower by Mrs. Humphry Ward