Synonyms for Added:


additional (adjective)
new, further, fresh.
attached (adjective)
subscripted, embellished, merged, Prefixed, Hitched, additional, accompanied, related, bound, augmented, Annexed, extra, attached, married, extended, connected, affixed, Spliced, joined, Suffixed.
supplementary (adjective)


in addition, too, increase, fresh, new, also, as well, besides, together with something. added (noun)
another, side, else, supplemental, superimposed, adscititious, further, extra, accessorial, other, more, value-added, supplementary, intercalary, additional.


accompanied (verb)
Seconded, garnished, attended, adorned, accompanied, Escorted, Supplemented, Chaperoned, attached, affixed, accessorized.
acquired (verb)
Captured, Gotten, netted, assumed, Wrangled, Pocketed, Harvested, Took, Reaped, Obtained, Fetched, landed, won, Bagged, Purchased, Caught, secured, received, amassed, Got, Lured, Palmed, Incurred, Claimed, collected, Procured, taken, cornered, Garnered, heaped, Bought, Retrieved.
added (verb)
Aggregated, attained, accrued, accumulated, incremented, increased, acquired.
calculated (verb)
Weighed, systematized, planned, Assessed, Guessed, Computed, considered, Reckoned, valued, evaluated, plotted, figured, thought, calculated, Rated, quantized, Surmised, Accounted, Approximated, Tallied, presumed, Scored, measured, estimated, Schemed, divided, totaled, scheduled, Gauged, Counted, supposed, programmed, determined, Deduced, Triangulated, Judged, Inferred, Enumerated, studied, ranked, concluded, Summed, multiplied, Appraised, rationalized, quantified.
increased (verb)
Widened, fattened, raised, Broadened, Boosted, advanced, burgeoned, reinforced, enlarged, elevated, Amplified, inflated, upgraded, magnified, grown, expanded, maximized, Grew, lengthened, Heightened.

Other synonyms:

further. new. fresh. Other relevant words:
new, further, adscititious, another, supplemental, supplementary, intercalary, side, besides, value-added, more, accessorial, fresh, superimposed, other, else.

Usage examples for added

  1. " Do not mind," she added in a changed voice. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  2. " Same here," added Darrin. – The High School Boys' Training Hike by H. Irving Hancock