Synonyms for Participation:


help, assistance, cooperation, part, aid, stake, Seconding, exclusion, joining in, encouragement, standing by, intrusion, intervention, taking part, interference, entry, support. participate. co-operation (noun)
collaboration, collusion, coalition, overlap, association, partnership, teamwork, co-operation, reciprocation, concurrence, union, concord, alliance.
friendship (noun)
participation (noun)
involvement, engagement, sharing.
partnership (noun)
joining in, support, aid, encouragement, sharing, concurrence, taking part, assistance, cooperation, help.
state (noun)

Other synonyms:

cooperation, intervention. exclusion, intrusion. interference. entry. stake. part. Other relevant words:
entry, cooperation, intervention, engagement, part, support, taking part, assistance, help, stake, encouragement, joining in, exclusion, Seconding, participate, interference, intrusion, involvement, aid.

Usage examples for participation

  1. The case stands thus: the executive government enters into an agreement with Georgia, and engages to deliver over to the state the Indian possessions within her claimed limits- without the Indians having any knowledge of, or participation in the transaction. – A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America by S. A. Ferrall