Synonyms for Withdrawal:


closure, close, end, expiry, ending, passing, completion, conclusion, finish. apologia, approach, apology, accusation, affirmation, attestation, announcement, egress, avowal, assurance, assertion, going, allegation. war, combat, skirmish, mission, assault, pitched battle, fallback, struggle, retreat, pullout, incursion, campaign, forward, pullback, battle. clean, comedown, crack den, bust, abuse, addiction, abjuration, cold turkey, dependence, crackhouse, recantation, Palinode, accept, Retractation. retiring, keep to yourself, antisocial, reclusive, insular, solitary, two's company, three's a crowd, withdrawn, self-contained, stay-at-home. bank draft, Bank book, apr, bank, balance, bank statement, BIPS, borrower, bank rate, banking. interference, participation, engagement, exclusion, entry, intrusion, stake, part, intervention, involvement. abandonment (noun)
desertion, relinquishment, vacation, discontinuation, tergiversation, defection, surrender, abandonment, resignation, abdication, apostasy.
abjuration (noun)
annulment (noun)
dismissal, cancellation, revocation, repudiation, retraction, abnegation, divorce, destruction, abolishment, nullification, Extinguishment, undoing, negation, Disaffirmation, obliteration, eradication, neutralization, dissolution, abolition, refutation, disavowal, annulment, elimination, invalidation, deletion, denial.
departure (noun)
exit, exodus, embarkation, departure, leave-taking, parting.
escape (noun)
exit (noun)
expiry, leave-taking.
extraction (noun)
deracination, amputation, extraction, removal, extrication, Evulsion, drawing, excavation, Evolvement.
leaving (noun)
departure, exodus, exit.
relinquishment (noun)
dereliction, release, capitulation, Disclamation, renunciation.
removal (noun)
recession, alienation, revulsion, retreat.
removal; retraction (noun)
exit, egress, revulsion, abandonment, disavowal, Palinode, recantation, revocation, exodus, repudiation, resignation, secession, retirement, departure, abjuration, extraction, alienation, retreat, relinquishment, abdication.
resignation (noun)
renouncement, acceptance, rejection, termination, discontinuance, retirement, cessation.
withdrawal (noun)
detachment, drug withdrawal, backdown, climb down, secession.

Other synonyms:

close, closure, conclusion, retreat, completion, ending, passing, fallback, pullback, finish, pullout, Retractation, Palinode, recession, abjuration, end, expiry, recantation. going. egress. detachment
Other relevant words:
clean, withdrawn, alienation, assault, struggle, apology, climb down, abuse, affirmation, comedown, revulsion, apr, going, secession, pullout, intervention, reclusive, backdown, retreat, crackhouse, insular, participation, end, dependence, war, involvement, campaign, close, banking, retiring, stay-at-home, attestation, accept, entry, accusation, combat, intrusion, assertion, part, egress, recession, interference, avowal, conclusion, stake, allegation, Palinode, exclusion, engagement, incursion, battle, expiry, fallback, pullback, skirmish, self-contained, drug withdrawal, forward, solitary, ending, Retractation, recantation, passing, completion, closure, addiction, finish, approach, assurance, bank, detachment, apologia, abjuration, announcement, bust, antisocial, borrower, mission, balance, BIPS.

Usage examples for withdrawal

  1. She made a sharp instinctive movement of withdrawal – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  2. The withdrawal of hope is often worse in its physical effects than any direct bodily ill. – Life of Robert Browning by William Sharp
  3. Once or twice, delicately, he suggested withdrawal from the evening's dissipation. – The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol by William J. Locke