Synonyms for Sharing:


involvement, participate. giving (noun)
splitting, participating, companionate, Partaking, partition, dividing, distribution.
participation (noun)
partnership, participation, co-operation.
sharing (noun)
share-out, communion, unselfish.


allotting (verb)
parceling, apportioning, measuring, giving, Allowing, rationing, slicing, Distributing, dealing, Earmarking, splitting, Allotting, budgeting, Meting, setting, Portioning, Dispensing, allocating, cutting, partitioning, segmenting, dividing, assigning.
co-operating (verb)
trading, co-operating, concurring, Allying, Affiliating, reciprocating, intertwining, interlacing, Interweaving, overlapping, participating, meshing, uniting, Dovetailing, Colluding, banding, Associating, Confederating, Pooling, collaborating, intermeshing.
giving (verb)
supplying, Attributing, Devoting, Doling, Bestowing, Submitting, Ascribing, Assisting, Presenting, Extending, serving, Consigning, funding, Tendering, Lavishing, rendering, Granting, Donating, Delivering, Disbursing, Bequeathing, Endowing, imparting, contributing, sending, awarding, lending, Pledging, helping, offering, expending, Furnishing, Providing, paying, Showering.
participating (verb)
joining, entering, Partaking.
portioning (verb)
Subdividing, Halving, chunking, compartmentalizing, Piecing, Dismembering, zoning.

Other synonyms:

distribution. involvement. Other relevant words:
involvement, distribution, partition, unselfish, communion, share-out.

Usage examples for sharing

  1. Murray gladly embraced this opportunity of again sharing the field with Wallace, and the chiefs joined Bruce. – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  2. " And, in your position, you did well, Pierre; without sharing your admiration, I understood your gratitude. – The Wandering Jew, Book VIII. by Eugene Sue
  3. Only by so doing can we insure that our citizens will be capable of understanding and sharing the responsibilities of democracy. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various