Synonyms for Fellowship:


flash mob, alliance, commission, communion, police, flash mobbing, retirement, Support Group, panel, withdrawal. pocket money, bursary, organization, award, Rhodes Scholarship, annuity, allowance. togetherness, grant, subsidy, honorarium, stipend, endowment, scholarship, goodwill. connect. congress, confederation, federation, sorority. love, chumminess, closeness. crew (noun)
assembly, fleet, battalion, cadre, litter, team, nest, group, ring, outfit, pack, gang, club, cabal, sect, troop, company, collection, cell, mob, clan, string, assemblage, herd, coterie, division, fraternity, caucus, crew, staff, flock, crowd, brigade, coalition, junta, complement, bevy, school, society, retinue, regiment, faction, troupe, clique, league, drove, colony, army, wing, force, bunch, union, platoon, covey, host, set, body, squad, circle, band, detachment, tribe, party, phalanx, hive, detail, aggregation, posse.
fellowship (noun)
company, companionship, society, Family.
friendship (noun)
comradeship, camaraderie, chumminess.
group (noun)
sociability, association (noun)
companionship, communion, conviviality, comradeship, alliance, camaraderie, togetherness, company, affability, club, league, friendliness, society.
unity (noun)

Other synonyms:

stipend, assistant professor, brotherhood, don, bursary, annuity, scholarship, educator, associate professor, comradeship, pocket money, full professor, togetherness, Rhodes Scholarship, chumminess, educationalist, closeness. chair, allowance, confederation, sorority. federation, grant. academic, congress. award. organization. love. association
fellow feeling.
Other relevant words:
solidarity, companionship, affability, brotherhood, don, chair, endowment, stipend, chumminess, academic, federation, comradeship, sociability, grant, educator, camaraderie, togetherness, scholarship, congress, subsidy, conviviality, bursary, award, honorarium, annuity, communion, allowance, alliance, closeness, educationalist, confederation, organization, sorority, goodwill, friendliness, love, Family.

Usage examples for fellowship

  1. Anyone fighting in church shall be excluded from the fellowship of the parish community. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  2. Well- I may be as old as that before I get the fellowship – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford
  3. She brings out all sides of the life, and, while making much of the fun and good fellowship does not let it be forgotten that work and growth are the end and object of it all. – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed