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stop (verb)

freeze, stay, cease, hold, stop, terminate, halt, pause.

Other synonyms:

perfection, shutdown, bound, bourne, difference, block off, disaster area, cattle auction, extirpate, pretension, cease, demolition, start, dying, payoff, idea, abrogate, object, closing, participation, carry, grand finale, goal, abate, bowl, branch off, arrestment, bottom line, periphery, anchorage, curio, great divide, brim, stop over, circumference, pretext, butt, finis, pole, nullify, finish up, destination, bump, nib, aspiration, mop up, bend, wind up, shutoff, line, suppress, outcome, last, purpose, epilogue, destroy, wipeout, displace, close, American football, contain, outcome, exterminate, motive, termination, cessation, end up, quota, proportion, curiosity, can, residual, edging, margin, thing, annul, intention, extent, give the axe, remainder, extreme, uttermost, shoemaker's last, crease, endgame, swan song, close, baseline, completion, point, get through, denouement, middle, remnant, hold back, beginning, finish with, surcease, retirement, object, break off, residue, capper, obliterate, in justification of something, cease, barricade, doom, accomplishment, determination, bar, conclude, polish off, offset, design, finish, cusp, depot, intent, Dodge City, bifurcate, piece, conclusion, result, repeal, devastation, call it a day/night, upshot, ideal, confine, conclusion, hem, end of the line, turn back, passage, target, attainment, tail end, stub, stump, annihilate, fire, lapse, stop, exclusion, occasion, goal, final stage, shard, dream, rarity, mark, death throes, borderline, verge, discontinuation, reverse, dumping ground, terminate, performance, perimeter, proscribe, meaning, consequence, skirt, oddity, grave, stopping point, bleachers, bevel, block up, block, leftover, result, portion, blitz, interference, residuum, sleep, withdrawal, ambition, expire, engagement, desist, design, view, give up, aerie, intent, compass, oddment, stake, tip, aim, ground, eradicate, give notice, death, diverge, join, backfield, lay off, finale, involvement, center of excellence, intention, head, extend, top, fate, land up, peculiarity, quit, supplant, the bench, limited, court, death toll, complete, revoke, point, help, come to, alley, carry through, ratiocination, effect, dismiss, why, intrusion, stop, closedown, extremity, continue, objective, abolish, plan, arrest, conversion kick, fulfilment, allotment, target date, send away, check, period, reason, bootleg, purpose, force out, corner, purpose, planned, death rate, finish, set aside, tip, bereavement, prohibit, boundary, balance, limit, realization, intervention, consummation, AstroTurf, cause, connect, cobbler's last, kibosh, cut, skirting, ending, intercept, slice, ceiling, end zone, participate, take, morbidity, round off, utmost, shutting, blockade, frame, nose, divide, call a halt (to something), ort, mortality, fag end, hold on, stamp out, length, ascend, precede, decision, overthrow, fragment, effect, aim, wind down, adjournment, bring something to an end/a close/a halt, give the sack, closing curtain, destruction, pike, clay, curtains, tag end, terminus, achievement, dust trap, center, entry, rest, the box, scrap, expiry, expiration, sack, home stretch, issue, cradle, arrangement, curtain, allowance, clear, motivation, terminate, excuse, fetch up, remove, subvert, base, eat up.

Examples of usage:

This is the end- it's too late now. - "Martyr", Alan Edward Nourse.

The end of all this! - "Tales of the Five Towns", Arnold Bennett.

He wants to see what's at the end of it. - "The Lost Valley", J. M. Walsh.

Similar words:

Scrag End, tail end, tag end, no end, nerve end, open-end credit, open-end fund, open-end wrench, open-end investment company, odds and ends.

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