Synonyms for End:


last (adjective)


American Football (noun)
American Football, backfield, blitz, bootleg, carry, conversion kick, end zone.
withdrawal. adjournment, aerie, anchorage, arrangement, attainment, beginning, bottom line, cradle, curtain, denouement, disaster area, discontinuation, dodge city, epilogue, payoff, perfection, performance, realization, retirement, start, swan song, target date, cattle auction, center of excellence, dumping ground, dust trap. cause, effect, excuse, ground, motivation, motive, occasion, outcome, pretext, reason, result, upshot, in justification of something. alley, baseline, bleachers, borderline, bowl, center, clay, court, crease, head, middle, nib, point, stub, stump, tail end, tip, top, Astroturf, the bench, the box. base, bevel, bump, corner, doom. ascend, bend, bifurcate, connect, diverge, divide, extend, help, join, participate, branch off. bereavement, death rate, death toll, morbidity, mortality, precede, tag end, death throes. confine, proscribe, round off, wind down, bring something to an end/a close/a halt, call a halt (to something). carry through, clear, come to, continue, get through, end of the line, finish with, call it a day/night. engagement, entry, exclusion, interference, intervention, intrusion, involvement, participation, stake. aim, ambition, design, intent, intention, mark, meaning, object, objective, planned, purpose, target, view, why. extreme, length, limited. butt, fragment, shard, Ort. back (noun)
aftermost, back, bottom, hindmost, posterior, rear, tail.
cessation (noun)
abandonment, cessation, closure, discontinuance, ending, hiatus, interruption, standstill, stoppage, termination.
close (noun)
completion (noun)
accomplishment, achievement, arrival, climax, completion, conclusion, consummation, culmination, execution, finale, fruition, fulfillment.
completion, stop (noun)
accomplishment, achievement, adjournment, attainment, bottom line, cease, cessation, close, closing, closure, conclusion, consummation, culmination, curtain, denouement, discontinuance, execution, expiration, finale, finis, finish, fulfillment, outcome, payoff, perfection, realization, result, retirement, target, upshot, windup.
death (noun)
annihilation, dissolution, extinction, fatality, parting, passing, quietus, release.
death, destruction (noun)
annihilation, demise, dissolution, doom, extinction, passing.
end (noun)
cease, close, closing, conclusion, death, demise, destruction, ending, expiration, final stage, finis, finish, goal, last, oddment, remainder, remnant, scrap, stop, terminal, terminate, windup.
ending (noun)
cessation, close.
event (noun)
extreme (noun)
extreme, limit (noun)
borderline, bound, boundary, confine, deadline, edge, extremity, head, limitation, nib, point, stub, stump, tail, tail end, terminal, termination, terminus, tip, top.
intention (noun)
intention, aim (noun)
design, goal, intent, mark, object, objective, purpose, reason.
leftover part (noun)
fragment, remainder, remnant, scrap, tag end.
limit (noun)
acme, apex, border, boundary, bounds, brink, confines, cutoff, deadline, edge, extremity, fringe, limit, limitation, maximum, restriction, rim, terminus, zenith.
location (noun)
purpose (noun)
aim, intention, object, purpose.
the end (noun)
cease, close, complete, conclude, culminate, discontinue, expire, finish, round off, stop, terminate.
time (noun)


bring to an end (verb)
accomplish, achieve, complete, conclude, consummate, culminate, discontinue, expire, halt, interrupt, quit, stop, terminate, wrap up.
cease (verb)
abandon, break, cease, close, culminate, desist, discontinue, halt, interrupt, pause, quit, refrain, remit, stay, stop, suspend, terminate.
ceases (verb)
abandon, break, cease, close, culminate, desist, discontinue, halt, interrupt, pause, quit, refrain, remit, stay, stop, suspend, terminate.
complete (verb)
accomplish, achieve, arrive, complete, conclude, consummate, execute, fill, finalize, finish, fulfill, graduate, integrate, unify.
die (verb)
depart, fall, part, pass, perish, succumb.
die or kill (verb)
depart, desist, die.
end (verb)
cap, checkmate, decease, die, exit, expire, pass away, pass on, wrap up.
limit (verb)
bound, restrain, restrict.
stative (verb)
cease, finish, stop, terminate.
stop (verb)
freeze, hold.

Other synonyms:

American Football
American Football, backfield, blitz, bootleg, bowl, carry, end zone.
bifurcate, butt, doom, proscribe, shard, tag end, target, withdrawal, Ort, branch off, end of the line, death throes. bottom line, diverge, fragment, perfection, point, stub, finish with. reason, round off, why, wind down. ambition, ascend, bend, divide, meaning. connect, head, length. come to, extend. objective. get through. view. clear. butt
wind down.
get through.
tail end.
goal, target date.
Other relevant words:
aim, denouement, doom, goal, intention, mark, object, objective, payoff, point, purpose, stump, end of the line.

Usage examples for end

  1. This is the end it's too late now. – Martyr by Alan Edward Nourse
  2. The end of all this! – Tales of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
  3. He wants to see what's at the end of it. – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh