Synonyms for Coalition:


anarchy, absolutism, autonomy, banana republic, big government, Centralism, autocracy, caretaker government, autarky. nationalist, bipartisan, apolitical, connect, front, ministerial, organization, independent, the faithful, politics, liberal, dissident, cartel, Anschluss. clinic, combination, consortium, combine, class. part, consolidation, unity. allied group, association (noun)
league, bloc, alliance, combine, consolidation, fusion, party, faction, Anschluss, ring, federation, confederation, combination, union.
co-operation (noun)
overlap, collaboration, association, collusion, concurrence, teamwork, reciprocation, participation, co-operation, alliance, concord, partnership.
coalition (noun)
alliance, conglutination, alinement, coalescency, concretion, alignment, fusion, coalescence.
collection (noun)
corps, assortment, bloc, medley, salad, mix, omnium-gatherum, formation, stew, council, college.
confederation (noun)
confederation, federation.
council (noun)
congress, tribunal, summit, panel, cabinet, board, chamber, legislature, court, parliament, committee, convention, congregation, quorum, forum, inquisition, symposium, conference, meeting.
state (noun)

Other synonyms:

ministerial, anarchy, absolutism, autocracy, banana republic, consortium, Centralism, bipartisan, caretaker government, Anschluss, clinic, autonomy, autarky, big government. cartel, dissident, consolidation, apolitical. nationalist, organization. independent, unity. class. liberal. combination. front. Other relevant words:
anarchy, combine, autarky, concretion, clinic, part, apolitical, liberal, bipartisan, Anschluss, coalescency, class, autocracy, independent, connect, politics, cartel, unity, autonomy, conglutination, ministerial, combination, fusion, alinement, absolutism, alignment, consortium, organization, nationalist, coalescence, Centralism, front, dissident, consolidation, alliance.

Usage examples for coalition

  1. If that can be done in no other way than by mutual concessions and a coalition of parties, they become necessary. – British Supremacy & Canadian Self-Government 1839-1854 by J. L. Morison