Synonyms for Tyranny:


autarchy, bullying, atrocity, inhumanity, autocracy, evil, barbarism, maltreatment, abuse, politics, savagery, Brutalities, over. control, force, oligopoly, domination, power, leadership, authority, might, monopoly, greatness. absolutism (noun)
monocracy, totalitarianism, autarchy.
dictatorship (noun)
authoritarianism, reign of terror, fascism, monocracy, absolutism, totalitarianism, autocracy, despotism, domination, severity, cruelty.
oppression (noun)
cruelty, fascism, reign of terror, severity, autocracy.
tyranny (noun)
authoritarianism, despotism, stalinism, caesarism, totalitarianism, monocracy, absolutism, one-man rule, shogunate, dictatorship.

Other synonyms:

autocracy, autarchy. Stalinism

Usage examples for tyranny

  1. This tyranny of one person over another! – The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim
  2. And their tyranny had roused my lady's high spirit not a bit less; and she said right out: 'When he comes, I am ready and will go with him. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. Others he compelled to join him by force, and others he persuaded by promising to release them from the exactions and the tyranny which Vang Khan had exercised over them, and declaring that he was a messenger especially sent from heaven to accomplish their deliverance. – Genghis Khan, Makers of History Series by Jacob Abbott