Synonyms for Benefaction:


settlement, freebie, largesse, care package, valentine, red packet, legacy, surprise. good turn, charity, kindness, favor. handout, subscription, beneficence, give, alms. benignity, philanthropy, kind, office, kindliness, oblation. act (noun)
benefaction (noun)
benevolence (noun)
kindliness, benignity.
charitable donation (noun)
alms, legacy, contribution, gift, donation, endowment.
gift (noun)
contribution, present, donation, offering, endowment, gift.
good deed (noun)
benevolence, philanthropy, charity, kindness, favor, good turn.
handout (noun)

Other synonyms:

care package, freebie, red packet, valentine. handout, alms, beneficence, oblation, largesse, subscription, benignity, kindness. philanthropy. charity. settlement, favor. office, kindliness. surprise. Other relevant words:
handout, good turn, benignity, philanthropy, kindness, legacy, alms, kindliness, largesse, office, benevolence, oblation, charity, beneficence, subscription, valentine, favor.

Usage examples for benefaction

  1. When Garnet founded Rosemont his friends in office promised to tax that public benefaction as gently as they dared, and he was only grateful and silent, not surprised, when his tax- bill showed no increase at all. – John March, Southerner by George W. Cable
  2. The ladies can tell how far your benefaction will go; but as far as it can accomplish, the twins shall be resplendent. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. Still- I suggest that, living as he does on the Church's benefaction eating the bread of her charity- The Chaplain paused, casting about for a third phrase to express Brother Warboise's poor dependence. – Brother Copas by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch