Synonyms for Caucus:


briefing, audience, appointment, colloquium, annual meeting, AGM, audioconferencing. capitol hill, apparatus, city council, bureaucracy, city hall. get together, flash mob, meet with, convene, congregate, muster. assembly (noun)
gathering, conclave.
caucus (noun)
conclave, clique, assembly, convention, gathering, meeting, set.
council (noun)
conference, summit, congregation, inquisition, chamber, convention, committee, forum, council, quorum, panel, meeting, court, parliament, congress, tribunal, cabinet, symposium, board, legislature.
crew (noun)
detail, crew, host, coterie, union, society, flock, force, troop, regiment, colony, complement, band, retinue, battalion, mob, crowd, coalition, aggregation, platoon, circle, fellowship, club, collection, outfit, company, drove, cadre, squad, pack, string, clan, cell, faction, posse, phalanx, sect, brigade, litter, nest, herd, staff, party, junta, assemblage, hive, fraternity, detachment, group, clique, body, tribe, troupe, fleet, school, assembly, covey, team, set, bunch, bevy, wing, gang, ring, army, cabal, league, division.
group gathered to make decision (noun)
convention, meeting, gathering, conclave, assembly, council.

Other synonyms:

briefing, AGM, bureaucracy, audioconferencing, annual meeting, appointment, city hall, capitol hill, colloquium, city council, conclave. apparatus. audience. assembly
Other relevant words:
briefing, audience, appointment, congregate, gathering, apparatus, convene, get together, colloquium, muster, audioconferencing, AGM, conclave.

Usage examples for caucus

  1. And, furthermore, sectional caucus unless it would fail in policies of its advocacy, and suffer modification by the Congress or parliament of its central governmental administration, must henceforth regard the Negro not as an aggregate all in a mass, but as a synthesis, composed of gradations from lowest to superior. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller
  2. It will thus be seen that, while in the composition of the Republican caucus there were ten more colored than white members, yet of the total membership of the House there were thirty- nine more white than colored members. – The Facts of Reconstruction by John R. Lynch
  3. If you have to hold a meeting in June, and give notice of a caucus in July, with as much formality as used to be required in publishing the bans of marriage, and then on a certain day in August do something else, and in September something still more, and file with the Secretary of State nomination papers in October, and have everything complete ten days before election day,- the ordinary citizens who usually awake to the fact that there is an election about that time find it too late to have any voice in the nomination. – Popular Law-making by Frederic Jesup Stimson