Synonyms for Mountain:


all manner of something, a lot/lots, a load of/loads of something, a good/great deal of something, quite a few. agglomeration, Butte, shock, drift, bank, order, Downs, highlands, ascent, tumble, fell, cliff, dune, foothills, bluff. a great deal (noun)
big, abundance, world, profusion, much, power, wealth, pack, barrel.
mountain (noun)
hill, alp, upland, range, hump, peak, sierra, mount, highland.
object (noun)
towering (noun)
weighty, mountainous, broken, elevated, above the snow line, ski-country, steep, isolated, above the timber line, plateau, lofty, snow-capped.
very large hill (noun)
bluff, Butte, shock, range, bank, sierra, hump, mount, peak, drift, alp, cliff, abundance.

Other synonyms:

highland, agglomeration, mountainous. drift. bank. a great deal
much, profusion, barrel, power, wealth, pack, world, abundance.

Usage examples for mountain

  1. I found out that I loved you before we went to our mountain camp. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe
  2. He exclaimed, The mountain – The Celestial Omnibus and other Stories by E. M. Forster
  3. The mountain was approaching. – Last Words by Stephen Crane