Synonyms for Connection:


booking, afloat, Booking office, bus, aboard, board, ARR, bookable, book on, aisle seat. acquaintance, confidante, buddy, combination, firm friends, companion, girlfriend, amigo, chum, friend, mate. fastening, chemistry, relations, reconciliation, rapport. intimate, involved, synonymous, interrelated, go-between, interdependent, associate, related, intermediary, messenger, inseparable, agent, corresponding, connected, allied. assembly, about, associated with, together with, With. bend, near, chicane, cooperation, central reservation, corner, bike lane, camber, cloverleaf, bicycle lane, carpool lane. reach, patch through, connect, Wi-Fi, Telecommunications, teledensity, seam. interdependence, vertex, node, linkage, ridge, interrelationship, hookup, interconnection. connotation, suggest, suggestion. source. agreement (noun)
cohesion (noun)
union, unity, indissolubility, solidarity, consistency, integration, cohesiveness, Inseparability, integrity, Indivisibility, continuity, coherence, congruity, conformity, cohesion.
connection (noun)
joining, connector, association, connexion, connective, affinity, connectedness, connecter, link.
contact (noun)
abutment, contact, border, meeting, junction, butt.
department (noun)
electricity (noun)
diode, kilohertz, speaker, alternating current, direct current, resistor, electrode, processor, computer, electricity, juice, fm, amperes, microphone, ac, triode, ic, video, network, frequency, cathode, tweeter, spark, capacitor, circuit, radar, watt, ohm, motherboard, transmitter, shock, circuit card, negative, radio, cycle, current, anode, backplane, monitor, volt, memory, electrostatic, amplifier, receiver, crt, tube, induction, voltage, resistance, charge, wattage, insulator, television, capacitance, electronics, polarity, transistor, impedance, positive, magnetism, discharge, conductor, electromagnetism, megahertz.
fastening (noun)
interrelationship (noun)
junction (noun)
affixation, connectedness, adherence, juncture, synergy, consolidation, adjacency, juxtaposition, bond, wedding, conjunction, coupling, splice, affiliation, merger, amalgamation, branch, marriage, relationship, attachment, alliance, annexation, jointure.
linkdef (noun)
connectedness, connexion.
person who aids another in achieving goal (noun)
association, network, relation, intermediary, messenger, acquaintance, associate, contact, reciprocity, agent, kinship, go-between, friend.
progression (noun)
relation (noun)
analogy, dependency, association, relation, pertinence, correlation.
relationship (noun)
kinship, reciprocity.
similarity (noun)
something that communicates, relates (noun)
marriage, relationship, affinity, correlation.
something that connects, links (noun)
combination, junction, alliance, bond, conjunction, coupling, link, hookup, joining, fastening, attachment, union, juncture, seam, affiliation, linkage.

Other synonyms:

bike lane, carpool lane, teledensity, bicycle lane, rapport, Telecommunications, interconnection, patch through, Wi-Fi, central reservation, reconciliation, camber, linkage, interrelationship, chicane. interdependence, seam, cloverleaf, companion. chemistry, cooperation, vertex. ridge, source, connected, connotation. combination. assembly. bend, connect. reach. corner. attachment
family relationship

Usage examples for connection

  1. But certainly every one has heard this man Collingwood's name mentioned in connection with that of Mrs. Admaston. – A Butterfly on the Wheel by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull
  2. She can gain nothing by that connection – Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth