Synonyms for Commit:


blackmail, abet, abduct, counterfeit, bootleg, extort, defraud, case, carry out. certify, allot, convey, authorize, employ, pledge, commission, bind, bedside manner, examine, doctor, diagnose, imprison, cure, admit, lock up, allocate, confine, put away, constrain, obligate, leave to, caseload, dispatch, delegate, oblige, apportion. law, fall back on, draw on, pull off, bring in, consume, go toward, utilize. distribute, part with, commend, help, hand over, lavish. motivate, convince, persuade, free, prod, urge on, dissuade, encourage, send up, entice, prevail on, spur. flirt, pair off, pick up, chase, have your eye on someone, sweep someone off their feet, obligation, chat up, ask out, make a pass at someone, run after. promise, give (someone) your word, vouchsafe, guarantee. hold someone for ransom, detain, lock away. commit (noun)
entrust, invest, dedicate, institutionalize, charge, trust, send, intrust, place, devote, perpetrate, pull, consecrate, put, give, institutionalise, confide.
kill oneself (noun)
commit seppuku, end it all, commit hara-kiri, shoot oneself, pack it in, do away with oneself, throw in the towel.


deliver, entrust (verb)
allot, give, imprison, employ, apportion, leave to, send, convey, delegate, intrust, authorize, confide, commend, hand over, dispatch, charge, commission, invest, engage, allocate, put away, institutionalize, promise.
endeavor (verb)
attempt, contract, assay, act, approach, undertake, perform, exploit, aim, engage, proceed, endeavor, volunteer, venture, maneuver.
perform an action (verb)
perpetrate, transgress, carry out, pull off, trespass, pull, act.
social (verb)
perpetrate, pull.
wrong (verb)
infringe, encroach, abuse, trespass, maltreat, do wrong, wrong, transgress, perpetrate.

Other synonyms:

blackmail, bedside manner, abduct, diagnose, bootleg, caseload, extort, commission, certify. send up, cure, case, pledge, examine. lock away, put away, promise, doctor. guarantee, admit, bind. commend. bind
part with.
lock up, send up.
Other relevant words:
consume, spur, allot, diagnose, lock up, place, authorize, charge, blackmail, distribute, doctor, employ, invest, counterfeit, consecrate, send, institutionalise, detain, abduct, confine, law, entrust, give, carry out, allocate, convey, dedicate, vouchsafe, imprison, admit, apportion, persuade, put, intrust, put away, entice, obligate, oblige, caseload, dispatch, institutionalize, pledge, leave to, cure, help, hand over, utilize, chase, lavish, extort, abet, commission, delegate, case, motivate, devote, free, prod, examine, commend, defraud, flirt, guarantee, bind, bootleg, promise, convince, encourage, confide, obligation, certify, pull, trust, constrain.

Usage examples for commit

  1. It doesn't commit you to anything to talk it over. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. I'm going to talk to the students; I want to find out just what happened before I commit myself to anything. – Ministry of Disturbance by Henry Beam Piper
  3. Many say they believe, but they are not willing to commit themselves to Him. – The One Great Reality by Louisa Clayton