Synonyms for Surround:


interface, touch, shut in, close in, envelope, interlock, overlap, interconnect, intersect, girdle, flank, join. back, go around, apex, desert, brim, bump, invest, blockade, bottom, corner, bevel, beset, base, confines, abandon, inundate. be bound up/together, do with, have something to do with something, link, bear on, be associated with, pertain to, interrelate, correspond. engulf, kettle. stanchion, joist, support, gantry, buttress, rafter, scaffold, framework, foundation. shut away, quarantine, restrict, pen in, restrain, lock in. surround (noun)
skirt, palisade, ring, hem in, environ, fence in, beleaguer, circle, border, besiege, circumvent, environment, wall, smother, fence, environs, surroundings, encircle, round.


encircle (verb)
wreathe, gird, circle.
enclose (verb)
impound, encompass, trap, cover, embrace, contain, cage, confine, envelop, corral, enclose, hold, imprison, fence, encircle.
enclose, encircle something (verb)
ring, round, encompass, gird, border, environ, besiege, invest, close in, confine, blockade, skirt, inundate, circumvent, go around, shut in, beleaguer, circle, fence in, beset, girdle, envelop, hem in.

Other synonyms:

interrelate, overlap, bear on, intersect, kettle. restrict, join, flank, interface. do with, touch, correspond. girdle. link. beset. approach
close in.
ring, wreathe.
go around.
Other relevant words:
framework, environ, border, close in, buttress, flank, fence in, bump, rafter, kettle, environment, interlock, engulf, overlap, join, skirt, gantry, besiege, desert, beleaguer, wall, apex, bevel, abandon, pen in, interface, corner, circumvent, round, invest, interconnect, surroundings, brim, back, inundate, hem in, touch, intersect, base, blockade, smother, correspond, quarantine, restrain, shut in, joist, palisade, bottom, foundation, scaffold, environs, stanchion, girdle, envelope, confines, support, link, interrelate, beset, restrict, ring.

Usage examples for surround

  1. If ice and salt surround a tin can containing substances to be frozen, from what is the heat absorbed when the ice is changed to liquid form? – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  2. In about five days it will be possible to surround him, but if we go after him now he will only be frightened and will not lie down. – Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales by Leo Tolstoy