Synonyms for Wed:


all (adjective)
joined (adjective)
attached, affixed, adjacent, consolidated, married, Spliced, coupled, allied, affiliated, amalgamated, Annexed, bonded, related, joined, connected, merged, juxtaposed, Abutted, Adhered, synergistic.


mix up, mingle, stir in, intermingle, dissolve, mix, blend. fri, sun, sat, marriage, date, friday, mon, saturday, mate, sunday, monday, M. be joined in marriage/holy matrimony, compound, remarry, intermarry, yoke, tie the knot, go/walk down the aisle, unify, combine, contract a marriage, coalesce, meld, concrete, assemble. espouse (noun)
take in marriage, give in marriage, join in wedlock, receive in marriage.
wed (noun)
marry, married, get married, wednesday, get hitched with, espouse, conjoin, wedded, hook up with.


attach (verb)
marry, juxtapose, bind, merge, fasten, relate, couple, attach, cling, stick, affix, join, abut, connect, bond, adhere, annex, splice, hitch.
include (verb)
integrate, compose, include, embody, enmesh, incorporate, envelop, entangle, involve, comprise, encompass.
join (verb)
consolidate, affiliate, ally, amalgamate.
join, unite (verb)
relate, marry, merge, yoke, blend, coalesce, combine, unify, ally, connect.
marry (verb)
take in marriage, betroth, unite, couple, espouse, receive in marriage, join, get married, tie the knot, conjugate, elope.

Other synonyms:

combine, unify, meld. coalesce. compound. yoke. Wednesday
hook up with.
get married
tie the knot.
joined, juxtaposed.
espouse, get married.
Other relevant words:
assemble, conjoin, meld, take in marriage, tie the knot, unify, mate, intermarry, espouse, get hitched with, combine, hook up with, mingle, marriage, blend, compound, coalesce, give in marriage, intermingle, remarry, wedded, receive in marriage, mix, get married, yoke, concrete, wednesday.

Usage examples for wed

  1. There were many stories, but they always had one ending- Isabelle won and wed the handsome young man. – The Cricket by Marjorie Cooke
  2. She knew that she was good to look at, that she was rich, and that she had the pick of the county, aye, of the South of England, did she desire to wed – The Nest of the Sparrowhawk by Baroness Orczy
  3. Wed wedded or wed wedding, wedded or wed – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown