Synonyms for Cause:


community chest, collection box, charity, beginning, donate, community service, charitable, aid, alms. pretext, in justification of something, point, excuse, situation, problem, fault, circumstance, circumstances. assign, cancellation, attest, alienation, cancel, blind trust, assignment, instigator, alienate, doer, bail. belief, colonialist, collectivism, faith, conviction, big tent, camp follower, antidisestablishmentarianism, Arabism, collectivist, principles, capitalism, creed, anarchism. motivation, give rise to something, inflict, loose, unloose, invite, precipitate. communicate, necessity, call, why, infect, pass on, carry, go around, spread, transmit. law. trigger, touch off, effectuate, set off, result in, lead to, secure, Ingenerate. aim (noun)
ideal, purpose, plan, objective, object, goal.
belief; undertaking for belief (noun)
movement, principles, ideal, faith, plan, objective, goal, conviction, creed.
bottom (noun)
cause (noun)
compulsion, enforcement, case, lawsuit, DO, crusade, root, suit, induce, action, evocation, motive, causal agency, source, compunction, execution, elicitation, inspiration, mainspring, basis, origination, provocation, effort, have, stimulus, factor, make, grounds, movement, stimulate, generation, causa, get, effectuation, determinant, campaign, drive, motivator, causal agent, reason.
causes (noun)
contributor, catalyst, base, influence, culprit.
communication (noun)
grounds, reason.
legal action (noun)
obligation (noun)
reason (noun)


communication (verb)
induce, have, get, stimulate, make.
compel (verb)
daunt, impel, stress, mandate, coerce, foment, propel, pressure, bully, incite, galvanize, spark, bulldoze, compel, urge, dragoon, press, hijack, push, dictate, goad, oblige, nag, intimidate, stimulate, browbeat.
creation (verb)
make, DO.

Other synonyms:

bail, camp follower, anarchism, cancel, community chest, collection box, trigger, Ingenerate, appeal, alms, assign, circumstance, unloose, why, collectivism, community service, inflict, antidisestablishmentarianism, assignment, charitable, committal, donate, blind trust, class action, court-martial, effectuate, big tent, pretext. necessity, transmit, touch off, precipitate, pass on, invite. point, go around. loose. spread. carry. bring on
lead to.
carry out
draw out
touch off.

Usage examples for cause

  1. Hamersley had not yet spoken a word to explain what had occurred to cause it. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  2. " For the good of our cause it is too early for me to die. – Beasts, Men and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski
  3. " That will not cause much trouble," replied Jack. – The Second String by Nat Gould