Synonyms for Condemnation:


barrage, Bashing, recrimination, mud, uproar, faultfinding. accusation (noun)
citation, allegement, allegation, blame, accusal, impeachment, reproach, charge, complaint, grievance, accusation, censure, imputation, denouncement, criticism, indictment, incrimination, insinuation.
blame (noun)
blaming, conviction (noun)
denouncement, doom, reproach, disapproval, censure, blame, accusation, reprobation, sentence.
communication (noun)
condemnation (noun)
death penalty, doom, curse, damning, judgment of conviction, sentence, execration, death sentence, disapprobation, conviction.
criticism (noun)
critique, judgement.
denunciation (noun)
disapproval (noun)
disapproval, vilification, castigation, scorn, chastisement, renouncement, disparagement, denigration, deprecation, defamation, derision, admonishment.
hating (noun)
reprehension (noun)
impeachment, recrimination.

Other synonyms:

faultfinding, reprobation. recrimination, Bashing, barrage, objection. mud, pan.

Usage examples for condemnation

  1. She tore my heart working folly in my house, and an ill example, and for herself condemnation – Foes by Mary Johnston