Synonyms for Clay:


argillaceous earth, balloon, construction paper, adobe, doll's house, Argil, beanbag, china clay, porcelain clay, dollhouse, catapult, cap, kaolin, terra cotta, till, action figure, loam, marl, pottery, bole, green brick, earth, building block, green pottery, Wacke, slip, clayware. the box, baseline, Astroturf, bleachers, crease, bowl, court, alley, the bench. clod, alluvium, grit, dirt, ground. clay (noun)
stiff, Lucius Dubignon Clay, Henry Clay, corpse, remains, mud, Lucius Clay, cadaver.
dirt (noun)
mineral (noun)
Chlorite, barite, molybdenite, boron, diatomite, coke, Selenite, kaolinite, orthoclase, fluorite, Brookite, alabaster, asbestos, carbon, pyroxene, hornblende, Azurite, cryolite, aragonite, Iolite, rhodonite, chromite, quicklime, gypsum, corundum, brimstone, silica, bauxite, crystal, salt, manganese, feldspar, pitchblende, spar, mineral, quartz, fluorspar, talcum, glauconite, emery, mica, sulfur, lignite, garnet, lazurite, pumice, cobalt, obsidian, magnesite, fool's gold, pyrite, Vermiculite, graphite, silicate, coal, calcite, chalcedony, peat, lime, ozocerite.
person (noun)
Lucius Clay, Henry Clay, Lucius Dubignon Clay.
potter's clay (noun)
china clay, Argil, pottery.
workable earth material (noun)
marl, bole, earth, terra cotta, till, Wacke, pottery, Argil, loam, adobe, kaolin, argillaceous earth, mud, slip.

Other synonyms:

Lucius DuBignon Clay
Lucius Dubignon Clay.
Astroturf, crease, kaolin, building block, beanbag, baseline, clod, cap, catapult, action figure, doll's house, bowl, grit, bleachers, dollhouse, loam, alluvium, construction paper. terra cotta, balloon, earth, alley. court. ground. henry clay
Henry Clay.
Other relevant words:
beanbag, kaolin, cap, pottery, porcelain clay, catapult, baseline, Lucius Clay, ground, Henry Clay, court, alluvium, Lucius Dubignon Clay, clod, mud, dirt, Wacke, stiff, argillaceous earth, till, loam, china clay, Argil, cadaver, Astroturf, bleachers, remains, adobe, bole, corpse, earth, slip, marl, alley.

Usage examples for clay

  1. This he attached to a piece of wet clay in the usual fashion, except that he placed the clay at the lower end of the candle instead of round the middle of it. – Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. Clay is made from crushed rocks, chiefly feldspars. – Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study by Ontario Ministry of Education
  3. " I imagined so," he answered, and as he looked at her he realised that the world she lived in was not the narrow, provincial world of Tappahannock, with its dusty warehouses, its tobacco scented streets, its red clay roads. – The Ancient Law by Ellen Glasgow