Synonyms for Worship:


wonder, put someone on a pedestal, defer to, bow down to, look up to. hosanna, vespers, church, devotions, magnify, glory, mass, hallelujah, genuflect, Alleluia, offer up. sacred. adoration (noun)
honor, offering, adulation, invocation, supplication, benediction.
amazement (noun)
honoring, glorification (noun)
deification, veneration, benediction, homage, adulation, idolization, invocation, respect, exaltation, glory, prayer, honor, awe, reverence, devotion, vespers, adoration, love, supplication, offering.
love (noun)
communion, attachment, romance, crush, intimacy, tenderness, fondness, endearment, friendliness, liking, sentimentality, kinship, amorousness, oneness, passion, affection, infatuation.
respect (noun)
worship (noun)
devotion, awe, admiration, piety, devoutness, cultism, idolization, homage, veneration, adoration, reverence, respect, duty, prayer, religion, revere, Ardency, idolise, deification, idolize, faithfulness, exaltation.


honor, glorify (verb)
deify, magnify, adore, revere, admire, bow down to, exalt, idolize, venerate.
idolize (verb)
glorify, adore, revere, deify, admire, idolize, venerate, consecrate.
love (verb)
desire, like, care, infatuate, love, cherish.
worship (verb)
devote, exalt, pray, dignify.

Other synonyms:

look up to, bow down to, defer to, devotions. idolization
Other relevant words:
honor, magnify, look up to, glory, adulation, devotions, bow down to, vespers, idolise, invocation, hosanna, supplication, wonder, offering, defer to, benediction.

Usage examples for worship

  1. I worship her, and for her I pour out my soul in song. – The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander by Frank R. Stockton
  2. As for his own soldiers, they came fairly to worship him. – Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers by J. Walker McSpadden
  3. With great worship these greeted King Etzel's bride. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown