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lecture - 212 results
Other synonyms:

criminate, chastise, tease, flay, strap, classroom, denunciation, tongue-lash, lather, rebuke, speech, twit, actor's line, rile, reproof, get at, chaffer, crucify, cane, reproach, rattle on, bother, warn off, oral communication, whip, caution, rate, bawl out, utter, chair, visit, masticate, talk of the town, peach, call down, rail at or, put forward, sing, spill the beans, beat, public lecture, taunt, censure, dedicate to, allocution, blab, manducate, tip off, lecturing, talk, language, castigate, yack away, forewarn, chit-chat, vanquish, trounce, dress down, rally, ride, slash, ream, parade, welt, field trip, bring up, chew the fat, frustrate, declaim, yap away, keelhaul, chew out, hammer, call forth, jaw, manner of speaking, vex, blab out, talking to, delivery, talking, whistle, diatribe, reprimand, prelection, flog, torment, call on the carpet, invoke, nettle, chew up, quibble, dun, sound/raise the alarm, harangue, annoy, tantalize, stir, portend, score, nark, give, criticism, claver, gravel, mouth, upbraid, lambast, shell, baste, natter, crush, dialogue, irritate, conjure up, spoken communication, bedevil, chew, rant, chide, point out, gossip, home schooling, bait, take to task, beat out, lambaste, edutainment, evoke, rag, descant, attack, grumble, verbalise, oration, words, commemorate, babble out, yack, remonstrance, berate, direct method, remonstrate, deliver, have words, conjure, arouse, expatiate, shoot the breeze, dialog, spill, chat, inaugurate, discourse, devil, voice communication, confab, spoken language, let the cat out of the bag, declamation, underdress, grouch, scold, get to, alert, CBI, razz, speech communication, chafe, raise, lash, address, verbalize, cod, blended learning, warn, confabulate, tantalise.

Examples of usage:

Percival might go home and lecture his own wife if he liked. - "Lover or Friend", Rosa Nouchette Carey.

There's to be a lecture here. - "Mr. Faust", Arthur Davison Ficke.

To answer his witnesses is to answer his lecture. - "Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian?", John B. Remsburg.

Similar words:

public lecture, lecturer, Lectured, Lectures, lectern, lecturers, lector, lecturing, lechers.

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