Synonyms for Lecture:


deliver, discourse, commemorate, parade, chair, dedicate to, give, inaugurate. declamation, allocution, remonstrance, attack, oration, criticism, Prelection, denunciation, diatribe, quibble. Forewarn, alert, warn off, tip off, whistle, portend, warn, caution, sound/raise the alarm. CBI, classroom, direct method, blended learning, edutainment, dialogue, field trip, dialog, home schooling. communication (noun)
public lecture, talk.
discourse (noun)
lecture (noun)
chide, bawl out, lecturing, public lecture, chew out, talk, reproof, chew up, remonstrate, speech, jaw, lambaste, rebuke, rag, reprimand, berate, trounce, dress down, lambast, talking to, have words, scold.
lesson, speech (noun)
talk, allocution, oration, discourse.
speech (noun)
oration, Prelection.
speech of criticism (noun)
reproof, rebuke, reprimand.


communication (verb)
criticize lengthily (verb)
scold, berate, preach, chide.
give a lesson, speech (verb)
deliver, teach, speak, orate, recite.
speak (verb)
gab, debate, speak, remark, babble, tattle, talk, jabber, chitchat, discuss, chatter, vocalize, say, prattle, recite, orate, patter, voice, preach.
teach (verb)
enlighten, inculcate, teach, guide, educate, school, train, tutor, instill, drill, indoctrinate, coach, imbue, instruct, edify.

Other synonyms:

denunciation, Forewarn, allocution, warn off, inaugurate, warn, commemorate, criticism, portend, diatribe, Prelection. attack, tip off, parade, caution, oration. whistle. deliver. alert. give. dialogue
Other relevant words:
diatribe, give, criticism, jaw, remonstrate, lambast, Prelection, discourse, declamation, lecturing, reproof, attack, oration, trounce, berate, chew up, rebuke, chide, dress down, chew out, speech, deliver, rag, scold, whistle, bawl out, remonstrance, reprimand, have words, lambaste, warn, public lecture, talking to, allocution, portend.

Usage examples for lecture

  1. There's to be a lecture here. – Mr. Faust by Arthur Davison Ficke
  2. To answer his witnesses is to answer his lecture – Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian? by John B. Remsburg