Synonyms for Laud:


pay someone a compliment, sing someone's/something's praises, congratulate, pat someone on the back. magnify, eulogize, Panegyrize. commend, applaud, compliment. religion. laud (noun)
glorify, proclaim, exalt, extol.
respect (noun)


acclaim (verb)
applaud, salute, exalt, cheer, praise, hail.
applaud (verb)
bless (verb)
celebrate (verb)
commemorate, hallow, salute, acclaim, party, make merry, venerate, memorialize, hail, inaugurate, revel, observe, enjoy, celebrate, honor, frolic, cheer, trumpet, proclaim, praise, exult, rejoice, carouse, fete, solemnize, jubilate, glorify.
compliment (verb)
congratulate, commemorate.
laud (verb)
honor, celebrate, compliment, admire, glorify, eulogize, extol, flatter, venerate, commend, Panegyrize, magnify.

Other synonyms:

flatter, Panegyrize, admire, commend. eulogize. applaud. magnify. celebrate
solemnize, make merry.
Other relevant words:
flatter, applaud, compliment, admire, extol, congratulate, eulogize, exalt, religion, commend, Panegyrize, magnify.

Usage examples for laud

  1. As early as 1606, Mr. William Laud B. D., of St. John's College, began to disturb the University. – Oxford by Lang, Andrew
  2. I laud the site! – The Shaving of Shagpat, Complete by George Meredith