Synonyms for Scold:


savage, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, harangue, tear apart, take/bring/hold someone to task. admonish (noun)
disparage, objurate, jump on, abuse, rate, vilify, cavil, call, reprobate, put down, burn up, upbraid, get after, reprove, keep after, blow up at, asperse, punish, give one a talking to, light into, rail, tell off, find fault with, lay down the law, vituperate, chasten, have on the carpet, revile, preach, recriminate, expostulate with, rake over the coals, chew down.
protest (noun)
deprecation, disparagement, ridicule, detraction, protest, objection, lamentation, grievance, denigration, complaint.
scold (noun)
chide, nagger, grumble, nag, lambast, trounce, reprimand, have words, grouch, jaw, scolder, rag, chew out, lecture, berate, bawl out, dress down, common scold, reproof, rebuke, remonstrate, chew up, lambaste.


accuse (verb)
blame, cite, denounce, condemn, reproach, charge, implicate, impeach, criticize, complain, accuse, arraign, inculpate, incriminate, impute, allege.
cuss (verb)
curse, swear, blaspheme, cuss, nag.
find fault with (verb)
berate, abuse, preach, rebuke, tell off, asperse, chide, disparage, criticize, nag, cavil, objurate, reproach, rate, lecture, reprove, rake over the coals, dress down, vilify, lay down the law, upbraid, light into, admonish, rail, vituperate, revile, put down, jump on, reprobate, castigate, chasten, denounce, reprimand, blame, recriminate.

Other synonyms:

chasten, admonish. reprove, rap. chastise, castigate. call. abuse
bawl out
have words.
rap, jaw.
objurate, rail.
light into, rebuke.
tell off
tell off.
Other relevant words:
chastise, punish, lecture, disparage, vilify, lambaste, asperse, lambast, revile, find fault with, chide, scolder, rate, reprobate, call, grumble, recriminate, cavil, have words, tell off, remonstrate, nagger, berate, jaw, lay down the law, chasten, rail, attack, vituperate, preach, bawl out, objurate, reproof, light into, jump on, reprove, chew up, rap, tax, reprimand, common scold, trounce, rebuke, castigate, harangue, rag, rake over the coals, abuse, grouch, dress down, upbraid, admonish, chew out, let someone have it.

Usage examples for scold

  1. " You must not scold him," said Mother Snail. – Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen
  2. Nevertheless, she went on to the Bannister house; and when she found Dora was in, she began to scold her. – The Girl at Cobhurst by Frank Richard Stockton
  3. Be it so- we will let her scold and follow our own pleasures. – Fiesco or, The Genoese Conspiracy A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller