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spoke - 56 results
Other synonyms:

handle, radius, hubcap, stave, part, r, rod, flat, round, flange, crosspiece, cartwheel, inner tube, hub, rung, rundle, radial, bald, remould, wheel spoke, grip.

Examples of usage:

Javan spoke now, his voice worried. - "Warrior of the Dawn", Howard Carleton Browne.

Then the cuckoo spoke. - "The Cuckoo Clock", Mrs. Molesworth.

When he spoke it was as though he had not heard the question. - "The Long Lane's Turning", Hallie Erminie Rives.

Similar words:

spode, smooth-spoken, soft-spoken, spoil, spock, sponge, soup spoon, sponge bag, sponge down, sponge gourd.

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