Synonyms for Tell:


represent, divulge, acknowledge, convey, acquaint, open up, voice, blurt out, speak, apprise, point out, relay, let someone know, release, command, let on, give someone to understand (that), tattle, reel off, indicate, direct, impart, hide, deliver, give away, own, advise, instruct, assert, relate, utter, betray, fill in, expose, confess, clue in, come out with, discuss, let out, leave word, inform, mention, explain, disclose, shoot, lay open. take effect, impact, interact, set forth, shape, affect, get, come into play, make a difference. perceive, estimate, understand, assess, compute, add up, determine, calculate, find out, know, project. spill the beans, offload, words, let (it) slip, lay something bare, rehearse, leak. vent, notice, talk, vocalize, verbalize, observe, detect. transmit, knowledge, require, carry, get across, tax with, boss around, push around, pass, order around. unveil, quip, make fun of, jest, kid, blab, pull someone's leg, joke, spill, uncover, crack a joke. enlighten, educate, teach. charge, bid, over. same. tally, numerate, number, count, reckon. give hell to, berate, bawl out, attack, give it to. person (noun)
William Tell.
tell (noun)
recount, spin, separate, William Tell, distinguish, secernate, order, tell apart, evidence, narrate, state, differentiate, severalize, assure, recite, secern, say, enjoin, severalise.


calculate (verb)
tally, numerate, number, compute, reckon.
carry weight (verb)
count, take effect.
communicate (verb)
require, apprise, inform, divulge, lay open, enjoin, acquaint, fill in, impart, leak, bid, report, represent, state, advise, mention, explain, confess, recite, say, leave word, disclose, instruct, reel off, open up, order, utter, command, speak, clue in, direct.
interpret (verb)
narrate, describe (verb)
relate, portray, set forth, rehearse, chronicle, recount.
report (verb)
summarize, narrate, Journalize, log, recount, table, account, retell, describe, report, state, record, chronicle, portray.
understand, discern (verb)
know, differentiate, perceive, find out, determine, distinguish.

Other synonyms:

require, advise, enlighten, blurt out, blab, relay, leave word, acquaint, detect, verbalize, push around, order around, offload. reckon, give away, tax with, educate, jest, vocalize, apprise, point out, divulge, perceive, quip, instruct, count, impart. relate, leak, numerate, vent, unveil, notice, joke. disclose, bid, spill, number. command, betray, uncover, rehearse. voice, kid, expose, direct, transmit. convey. talk. know. carry. charge, pass. get. advise
clue in.
let out.
come out with.
spill, give away, unveil.
Other relevant words:
set forth, explain, convey, offload, differentiate, disclose, find out, enjoin, notice, calculate, deliver, detect, severalise, instruct, secernate, command, assess, estimate, tally, enlighten, say, inform, interact, indicate, open up, evidence, let on, talk, let out, bid, acknowledge, quip, voice, acquaint, spin, same, rehearse, impact, order, hide, perceive, pass, vocalize, tattle, reckon, point out, joke, separate, vent, uncover, count, mention, affect, advise, distinguish, numerate, relate, words, shape, kid, verbalize, number, leave word, recite, require, take effect, release, assert, unveil, attack, understand, get, William Tell, reel off, relay, discuss, lay open, impart, betray, clue in, come out with, divulge, spill, charge, blab, jest, own, educate, apprise, direct, carry, confess, severalize, assure, over, tell apart, teach, determine, know, observe, give away, utter, speak, knowledge, get across, compute, secern, leak, represent, project, blurt out, transmit, expose, berate, spill the beans, shoot.

Usage examples for tell

  1. " Of course I have no right to tell you that," he said. – Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  2. Well, I will tell you what it is. – Roughing it in the Bush by Susanna Moodie
  3. " I cannot tell you, sir," I answered. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim