Synonyms for Lecturing:


act (noun)
lecturing (noun)


speaking (verb)
talking, chitchatting, Debating, voicing, vocalizing, Pattering, saying, jabbering, tattling, preaching, orating, Remarking, Reciting, Discussing, speaking, gabbing, chattering, prattling, babbling.
teaching (verb)
schooling, instilling, Tutoring, teaching, drilling, enlightening, Imbuing, guiding, edifying, Indoctrinating, Inculcating, Instructing, training, Educating, coaching.

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Usage examples for lecturing

  1. At the close of this lecturing tour The Register undertook the public count through its columns, which did so much to bring the reform before the people of South Australia. – An Autobiography by Catherine Helen Spence
  2. His spare figure and tall stature, his prominent nose and his light- colored hair, were each made the subject of a joke at one time or another in the course of his lecturing career. – The Complete Works of Artemus Ward, Part 1 by Charles Farrar Browne
  3. That is not right, Your Highness, persisted Stadinger, who gave his master his title at least once in every sentence because it was respectable so to do, while at the same time he took the liberty of lecturing him upon every occasion; and it is also unchristianlike, for matrimony is a holy state, in which one feels well off. – The Sign of Flame by E. Werner