Synonyms for Presentation:


donation, act, curtain raiser, double bill, draw, booking, command performance, bestowal, giving, double feature. monologue, talk, public speaking, vote of thanks, speech, remembrance, gift, present, sermon, offering, the Pledge of Allegiance, address. issue, supply, distribution, portrayal, provision, performance, allocation, handover, release, allotment, delivery. arrangement, arabesque, accordance, array, articulation, coloration, bestowment, conferral, conference, grant, configuration, check, chronology, argyle, conferment, give, column. communicator, ceremonial, commencement, Handsel, dedication, commemoration, induction, ceremony, graduation, convocation. hold up, knowledge, yield up, coming-out, produce, wheel out, trot out. appearance (noun)
conferment (noun)
conferral, bestowal, bestowment.
demonstration (noun)
expose, exhibit, illustration, indication.
drama (noun)
pageant, burlesque, excitement, improvisation, teleplay, show, ballet, variety, mime, skit, scene, melodrama, mystery, choreography, comedy, tragedy, vaudeville, suspense, spectacle, panorama, drama, characterization, art, theater, rendering, production, pantomime, broadway, improvisational drama.
gift (noun)
introduction (noun)
manifestation (noun)
exhibition, incarnation, display, evidence, manifestation, embodiment, symptom, showing, appearance, expression, discernibility, revelation, unfolding, proof, demonstration, disclosure, staging, materialization, exposure.
performance; something given, displayed (noun)
act, giving, appearance, display, introduction, offering, production, delivery, arrangement, present, remembrance, bestowal, conferral, donation, show, exhibition, staging, demonstration.
presentation (noun)
introduction, presentment, display, demonstration, intro.

Other synonyms:

conferral, bestowment, Handsel, gift, monologue, vote of thanks, handover, public speaking, bestowal, sermon, coming-out, talk, the Pledge of Allegiance, conferment. distribution, accordance, allotment. delivery, speech. supply, address, provision. issue, release. conference.

Usage examples for presentation

  1. The works of art were all portraits; the books were all presentation copies from the authors. – The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins