Synonyms for Debate:


talks, exchange, exploration, negotiation, inquest, commentary. wrangle, hassle, altercation, clear the air, polemic, disagreement, word, spat, squabble, run-in, talk through, negotiate, conflict, bicker, rhubarb, clash, tiff, quarrel, difficulty, tangle. take something into consideration, words, affirm, think over, assess, forensics, plan, think out, take a long hard look at someone/something. argumentation (noun)
contest (noun)
forensics, Polemics, deliberation, dialectic, match.
conversation (noun)
seminar, conversation, argument, consultation, confabulation, interview, conference, confrontation, meeting.
debate (noun)
consider, fence, disputation, turn over, argumentation, moot, deliberate, argue, public debate, contend, argument.
discussion of issues; consideration (noun)
argument, argumentation, dispute, tiff, match, deliberation, polemic, words, hassle, wrangle, altercation, dialectic, disputation.
speech (noun)
vocalization, jabbering, babbling, allocution, speaking, chat, locution, circumlocution, elocution, patter, spoken word, dialect, chattering, chitchat, recitation, oral communication, dialog, remark, voice, talking, report, discussion, speech, prattle, oration.


argue, discuss (verb)
reason, deliberate, bicker, contend, canvass, moot, cogitate, consider, question.
converse (verb)
talk, argue, converse, parley, meet, consult, discuss, confront.
question (verb)
seek, probe, challenge, investigate, delve, inquire, catechize, dispute, ask, survey, quiz, poll, query, interrogate, interpolate, examine, question, explore, canvass.
speak (verb)
chatter, preach, jabber, orate, recite, speak, tattle, say, lecture, babble, gab, vocalize.
think (verb)
concentrate, evaluate, contemplate, cerebrate, reason, imagine, think, consider, analyze, appraise, envision, deliberate, speculate, reflect, cogitate, weigh, study, ponder, brood, muse, meditate, calculate.

Other synonyms:

forensics, run-in, exploration, negotiation, rhubarb. talk through, altercation, negotiate, tiff, quarrel, inquest, polemic, commentary. disagreement, spat, hassle. exchange. difficulty. word. argumentation
dialectic, argumentation.
turn over.
Other relevant words:
clash, turn over, assess, commentary, plan, dialectic, disputation, hassle, moot, public debate, exploration, words, contend, conflict, wrangle, argumentation, spat, talks, negotiate, negotiation, altercation, polemic, tiff, match, deliberation, forensics, affirm, squabble, think over, difficulty, inquest, word, rhubarb, run-in, fence, bicker, Polemics, disagreement, tangle, exchange, quarrel.

Usage examples for debate

  1. He had mistaken his talents, he had no aptitude for debate – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. The debate opened upon this important subject. – History of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814 by F. A. M. Miguet
  3. On the third day of the convention the platform, devoted largely to the money question, was the subject of bitter debate – The Agrarian Crusade A Chronicle of the Farmer in Politics by Solon J. Buck