Synonyms for Instruct:


bar, annul, call for, citation, acquittal, bring in a verdict, award, acquit. allow, bring, appear, arraign, call, bid, affirm, claim, command, cite, bring before, tell, appeal. require, disclose, reveal, order around, dictate, tax with, push around, boss around. ground, over, order, words, enjoin, charge, induct.


advise (verb)
counsel, advocate, notify, encourage, consult, caution, admonish, cue, warn, inform, recommend, direct, suggest, prompt, confer, brief, guide, advise.
inform, teach (verb)
educate, brief, reveal, guide, drill, counsel, advise, enlighten, tutor, notify, tell, ground, train, school, disclose, coach, lecture, apprise.
order, command (verb)
direct, bid, enjoin, charge, warn.
teach (verb)
imbue, coach, teach, instill, school, tutor, lecture, train, educate, indoctrinate, inculcate, drill, edify, enlighten.

Other synonyms:

tell, push around, order around, require. enjoin, tax with, dictate. induct, bid. command. charge. order, ground. advise

Usage examples for instruct

  1. " I have given sufficient reasons," replied my mother, " to engage your compliance with your father's desire, and these will influence you, if prudence and wisdom are the motives of your choice; and if you want prudence, it is fit that those who are able to instruct you should also guide and direct your actions." – Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers by Various